Villa Alba was built between 1882 and 1884 for banker William Greenlaw and with interior decoration by the Paterson Brothers,¬†and is notable for its painted decorations. The grand house has survived multiple uses including a nurses hostel where they thought all the period decoration was dark and gloomy so they painted it over it to’brighten it up’, gasp.

It is being restored as a museum and educational facility for the collection, study and display of interior decorations and decorative finishes.

There’s a wonderful trompe l’oeil walled gallery space in the middle of the ground floor with murals painted by a Melbourne artist. There are views of Sydney Harbour on one wall and of Scotland on the other. The original owner was a Scot and the murals must have included the things he felt nostalgic about, and those which represented his new country, like magpies.

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