Is that what it’s called when you write and create content for magazines and newspapers? Would ‘Writing for money’ be a better menu item? What about the writing/photographing for nothing. When the web arrived I called it Content Creation on my business card. These are examples being gathered from all over and there’s still a lot on my archived Thinktag site as html, but it’s safe to click. Come back here if you get lost.

I’m only adding things I think have a wider value to media history and theory, and that deserve to be preserved. It’s slow.

Cinema Papers Cover Issue #50 1985Let’s start with Cinema Papers.
That’s a big one, 15 years or so of writing about the radical changes in the film industry,
so there’s a sub-menu there.

The Video Age  – Equipment reviews of old video equipment that was new when I wrote them.
this deserves an examination of how that changed what ‘movies’ we made. Soon.

21c magazine – again writing a new products section but in the style as ‘Objects of Desire’, like in WIRED

I did a regular column for Firmware, distributors of  multimedia software, like Macromedia Director. The company doesn’t exist anymore but these are a real time capsule. They have lots of links so lots of link rot. Sorry. It’s the Internet you know. Here’s my ‘bio’ that introduced me at that time, 1998

• Is Web Animation Vulgar?
• I Like Banner Ads
• Smile Geek! now on this site updated a bit.
• Miscellenium Thinktag #3
• A New Age Guide to monitor alignment

SYTE The Australian computer section and the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) Computer pages.

All that MultiMedia stuff turned into Australian Multimedia Magazine, which started in Melbourne and when I began revamping to echo WIRED, was bought by Murdoch Magazines in Sydney.
It will have it’s own archive that still needs some love . I was the editor until it died and did an HTML web version for a bit. I wasn’t a designer. I’ll do some Issuu versions of the print magazines that did have a designer (or two) I just need to get better PDF scans.


Food writing for Good Food, The Age and SMH
Oshinbo – Eat your Manga
Eat your Nettles

Photo Journalism for the local country papers, Bungendore Mirror, Palarang Bulletin. Country town life and politics from where I lived for 17 years. Includes ‘The pictures John Mitchell rejects’ (he was the famed Mirror editor and owner), that’s a work in progress but start here.


Regional Food Magazine.  If you don’t think publications are telling it right, start your own. After all those years in advertising and writing we thought we knew how to do it backwards. This is what they looked like in print (Issuu) , and the website is still sitting there and has it’s own archives backstage.


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