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Who are you Dr. Woods?

I was given a box of Dr Leslie Woods home movies because “the family didn’t want them”. As you’ll see they’re an invaluable record of an Albury country doctor’s life.

Doctor Woods Part 4

The family movies. The people and friends he clearly loved, and what interested him as he grew older - fishing, and drinking with his mates.

Doctor Woods Part 3

Spending time with these films has brought a lot of pleasure and surprises. As a fellow film-maker, there is recognition of the subtleties within the content.

Part 2 - Views around Albury

After the feast, moving pictures were shown by Dr. L. S. Woods. Much excitement was caused when the girls who took part in the Netherlands Day festivities saw themselves acting on the screen.

Part 1 -Travel broadens...

"There is less justification for make believe in life than there ever was. The changed circumstances of the world, and the altered standards, should have brought (that) home.”

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When did you know that you would be a filmmaker's girlfriend?

A video assembly for public viewing of 'what I know about her'
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Meeting again at the Moratorium

We had separated when Margaret went to Monash University, at the 1970 march I saw her again. Oh dear. Here's a silent STD 8 film.
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Broken splices

Unlike those years with you, my wife hasn't been through a filmmaking love affair. One that's film film. This is a poem about that.
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At 21, a family party

Looking back, I shouldn't have been there. This was clearly a newer lover's occasion.
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GIF test

Short video and animation
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