The family and friends as seen through the Doctor’s movies

This is what I know about Doc Woods family. It will change as bits of the films become clearer and the timeline fills in (which brother is that?).

Lets start with the films.

Merimbula 01
Opening titles, Produced by – then photo of Doc Woods with camera. Waves and woman in two=piece against splash. Earbashing Champ  (- puts cotton in ears), Duck shootin! Lake Wallacoot, men women with shotguns. Picnic, Best bag of the day – Ducklings in a basket, Devil ray 200lbs , Folding Kayak setting up,Whose shout is it –  hotel  ‘Big Fish’ yarns, 20lb Blue Groper ,Charlie Barters Bream 4lb, Pier and fishing scenes ,The suntrap house, Lady, nice dog, young people going fishing, You beaut, Don and Joan,Margaret & “Brains trust” Jim, whipcracking, Sunset, Arthur the Blackfish King, Shot of men, Young people, new cars on hill. More sunsets, on beach good costumes, Worming by Courtis M Tasker , Around the house ,’Camp’ Dress-up jokes, Off the Bega-Sydney Plane.

Merimbulah 02
Titles and Produced by… Shot of Doc Woods
Packing the gear, Lunch 12 miles from Kiandra at… Alpine Creek sign Inspiration Point , Mountain scenics. Over the Brown Mount,car on the road. Morning Glory – Mist in valley, The clouds lift. Scenics, Driving Wacko we are there, Shots of beaches, house. Introductions – Ghandi – towel uncovers man ,Oliver – with lamp and pipe, Payt (?) – Ghandi man & whiskey bottles. Duck , Doc with bag. Old Beenleigh – rum bottles reveal, The old Pirate, Dart, A few million words Title: Hurry Hurry Hurry, Doc, Man with the bar of iron (drinking milk) Fish, Son ,Rubbish Tietyens,Whimsey Lindsay  -Toilet, Be your age boy    Older man in Garden -Cleaver), Smithy – man in backyard , Joe. Rita wife with dog ***Man and boy fishing, Margaret- old lady by window, Sunset, New Car? Jetty and fish, Man with camera, More fishing, Bringing in firewood, Toothless man. Title: The old school badges – beer and whiskey labels, Cutting Hair, shaving heads,Men inside viewing sunset, Title: Over the cliff you, go pushes man and cuts to him lying at the foot of cliff. Men in a row sitting ,Horses at beach, men swimming, wanking, Putting up sign “Balfour Lodge”.
Family 01 (Few titles clearly a later assembly, 50’s? with mixed date ranges). Merimbula(?) The family exit beach house*, Beach scenes young adults, attractive fashionable, Child in pusher and dog Mrs Margaret Woods -Grandma? Older child on tricycle, Glenvean Flashway Jock – the favourite pedigreed dog, Dog show Albury and Border Kennel Club,Blue Ribbon 1951, more dogs, Chubby faced toddler and older children on veranda, Dad (brother?)with newspaper cigarette and toddler, Kids playing, Girl yellow dress, two toddlers. Light house (Bermagui?), beach rounders game – young adults.Beach scenes applying sunscreen oil, neck massage, Fishing on rocks, good group sitting, sunsets, Yamba Ritz cafe and Motel , a car stop- repair (?), Kids on lawn ‘Valetta’ toddlers from earlier now 3 or 4.

Family 02 Title:(missing on this assembly) Torture for this poor cowboy. Indians, knife in tree reverse filmed, What hardworking lads! washing car and throwing water at cameraman, backyard football - slow motion marks. Among the sheep at Toonalook  - field day?, Afternoon tea is served. Interior kids inside a group shot.Headaches after the night before - men in pyjamas, dog in hat acting hungover, Pine Park Jan 1939 . Rose of the "Rancho" and her school, Horseriding (at Forster), Frank and his cobbers, Brenda and Dick at Forster 1940, Mrs Z.Grey tells us how (Brenda - ref to Author Zane Grey)  with fish, Lakes and Ocean Hotel facade (good), Lindsay and Peter ,  off to scouts , diving, backyard high jumps, Albury T&G sign, April 8th 1944 - Wedding, (which brother?) colour, Boys as scouts then older boys in uniform, Cleaver Woods in Garden.  Albury  -Athletics, John woods wins hurdle 1944, Washing dog in basin, it then rolls on lawn

This is a new 4k transfer of that Family 02

Family 03   Title: Molly, Eric and Geoff,  late Teens, Mother?, extended family group, All now older, exit door, good Doc Woods in pith helmet and pipe, end. Motor bike man/son. Dog begging on verandah – Rita Woods, Puppy with slipper,  Lady (Rita?) and dog, in bed (Hospital?). Ribbons  Best Toy Dog 1949. More dogs, puppies and grown up boy, backyard washing on line. A black dog, two adults. Sons now in late teens – Dad? Doc? Shots of Albury from the lookout (Dirty gate), cruise boat leaving dock, 3 young men in backyard (sons- friend), Brother?. Title: On the road to Basin Creek , good travelling shots,Farm and people, picnic and ute, A wedding (one of the sons? Daughter?), baby with mum, Country and cars,  mum and baby, more dogs, dad and baby,Birthday party – sequence. Title: Barbara, another baby, another wedding, toddler in red.
Family 04  Title : Canberra Baths, diving -swimming at baths. Title: Backyard Activities. Lindsay and Peter with younger child in school uniforms. Mick has a brush up  – dogs on lawn with Rita. Colour Farm (Toonalook?) landscape pans. Wedding (Peter?) small church, family. (after 1945), baby in mothers arms, dogs again on the lawn. Peter(?) with child (second). Birthday party with funny hats and fake noses, big group. Child in mothers arms encouraging a smile. First steps
Family 05
Title:  The Blue Pool Bermagui , 1939 on inscription,  sons swimming in surf pool, Tennis – faded colour Title: Narooma – The inlet,  pan across sand The “Kianga” at the Wharf  – boat, good woman and kids faded beach shots, Surf Beach – faded, Title:  The surf Carnival 1939 , Sunset on river Murray?, man fishing riverbank , male group on the bank, man with lapel badge holding book “Guilty Men”, and in garden (not Valetta).
Fishing Reels 1, 2, 3 

Reel 1.
Fishing from the pier (Merimbula? Bermagui?) mostly male group. Dark haired daughter-in-law.
Airport, twin engined plane taxiing, suited man exits.
Fish, various catches displayed.
Sand worm catching – good sequence. Man pissing, unsteady in waves
Large tuna? stranger holding. second shot with dog walking past.
Silver flashes of fish in water. Man and woman displaying catch.
Various catches held. Displayed on road with car behind.
Inside on verandah, group.
Reel 2

Surf fishing on beach. Shots include Doc Woods with pipe
Wider beach and cliffs, fishermen.
Slow motion casting. Holding small fish.
More sand worming. Naked.
Group having sandwiches.
Wide beach, waves,
Pier men,woman with hat.
Holiday home walk in towards camera
Car with rods out window, beach fishing
tosses catch, misses. Displaying small catch, kisses fish.
Casting in surf, naked washes fish.
Car on hill, two display catch.
House, younger man runs out winding movie camera.
Exit walk to camera by five.
Displaying catch.
Reel 3

Beach fishing, man in suit pants, sleeveless cardigan, and hat
Group standing by car.
Pan of inlet, sand banks different days?
Dam in mountains. Burrinjuck? Shaky pans- not Doc?
Cars near dam
Beach fishing, winter? Business clothes man again, shoes in water.
Beach rocks, pans.
Car in paddock, unloading lunch hamper. Stream and swing bridge.
Good river shots.

Sub Menu
Doctor Woods - Part 1.  Who are you L.S.Woods?
This is what I've found from archives and contributions, from the reports of general meetings of clubs and societies, obituaries, autopsies, published  fame and notoriety, and things he'd probably like to forget - like the Pyjama Girl Case.
Doctor Woods - Part 2. Albury 
Looking at the town of Albury and linking its events to those that are in two films, Views around Albury and 
Shots at Random  around Albury.
Doctor Woods - Part 3. Becoming a Filmmaker
His first cameras, learning the craft, titles (thank you) and then losing the rigour and becoming a home movie maker. Splices and dirty edges.
Doctor Woods - Part 4. A country doctor's life
The family movies. The people he clearly loved, what interested him - (which at the end of his life - Merimbula with his fishing mates )