I’m bringing Regional Food Magazine and Thinktag writing over to While I Remember it. I’m leaving many of them in their original format in HTML if that’s appropriate and updating a few bits that needed a change.

I just added this piece I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section about ten years ago, about the latest menu fad and why we should be eating more Stinging Nettles.  We still should.

The last ‘new thing’ was my documenting (at least an outline for it) of a collection of home movies by an Albury doctor  that I’ve transferred from Standard 8 (in low resolution for the moment).You can find that here.

*I’ve changed the WordPress theme on this site and you know what that means.  It should be responsive but it seems particularly fussy on a small phone screen, you may need to view sideways. Tell me if something is wrong. Or tell me what’s right.  And isn’t that clown scary! No wonder Americans grew up with Stephen King clown phobias if this was a breakfast commercial