New things
An update crafted by the editor

Latest stuff are the ‘fleshed out’ descriptions of the early films headed for ACMI (very early like my first film).

I’ve been working on adding AMP to this website. If you don’t know about the Mobile Page format Google has been touting, it’s supposed to be making Mobile (phone) devices load pages faster. But it also strips out multi-media things that I’ve tried hard to add. So if you’re on your phone and something doesn’t work, try the Visit non-AMP version down in the bottom right corner of the page.

I’ve used a new site icon for the mobile version, a wombat drawn by Burne-Jones. There’s a story about that here on the Internet Archive

Facebook posts are ephemeral and yet I try and add depth to even casual ‘family’ posts I write there, so the idea of keeping the good ones here in the archive seems worthwhile. I don’t think they need to be identified as such, because I’m updating, adding images, videos and even a useful comment. Most important is links within the content. Here’s a recent example.

I had a 4K transfer done of two reels of the home movies by Dr.Woods, the Albury doctor.¬† I’d transferred the Standard 8 myself (in low resolution) and wrote about it here. These results are much better, sharper but do show up the out of focus¬† camera bits more. I’d love to get more of my reels done that I know are sharp. I’ve added that 4k transfer (by Memorylab) to the site. Thank you Callum.

Fred Harden