I make photobooks, and not just because I’m an old ink on paper person (there were those forest destroying magazines for example).  There are many that are personal gifts for friends, those I create and give and never look at again. These photobooks here were made as albums of personal images from special holidays. They’re piling up on the coffee table so they need to be stored online as well (coffee tables catch fire etc.) I usually took video at the same time, hours of it which I find hard to edit, so these are used to aid memory, usually about the extensive eating and drinking they contain.

There’s pictures I’d remove from these (mostly personal of Jan and I) if Iwas editing a general interest book, but these are how we keep them “to remember things”. They were all hosted on Issuu but they’ve stopped their free ’embed’ feature and I can’t afford to pay for it.

Italy 2018

Three weeks in Italy lead to three books, a region in each. Were the photographs that good to deserve a separate volume, or were there more incidental details this trip? I consciously took more video this time but I haven’t edited much of that. Hmmm. Which makes these records valuable to me.


This is Catalonia and Spain 2016

The trip was first to attend a truffle growing lecture tour run by Marcus Morcillo and look at the No2 world producer of truffles. There was a short overview video I did for their Barcelona Truffle Tours website.

In 2017, feeling poorer, we decided that we should see something closer to home, Tasmania. I took the car on the ferry, Jan flew because she doesn’t ‘do’ boats. We almost circumnavigated the island by car, and there were lots of trees and bends I remember. Jan doesn’t look as happy in some of these. The video is too home movie to bother with, I think.

And Japan in 2014. Tokyo (twice -start and end), Kyoto ( my favourite place), Nara (mind the deer), Hakkone in the hills, a trip to view Fuji-san. The video this time was good (he says modestly) and a lot of the horizontal images here are frame grabs from it. I may never edit the footage.

And Paris and Umbria in 2007 This was the first travel book I made, using Momento in Australia. I had used them for commercial jobs and the occasional wedding album. They limit the previews because they want you to buy a printed book.