A 4×3 scan (from my cheap scanner) sitting in 16×9 widescreen tv frame. The black ‘sidebars’ and top and bottom black detract in a standard TV screen presentation – 1920 x 1080 – but are true to the original. This is barely a HD quality scan.

A 4K scan, transferred ‘Overscan’ with the top and bottom framelines just cropped. See the extra detail in the trees for example.

A 4x 3 frame taken from the 4K scan, again full height. Grain sharpened (too much).

This compares two 4KĀ images – 4×3 frame with a cropped 16×9 TV. You will always lose something but the 4K scan lets you have a framing choice. And you can adjust it as the shot runs, eg start on sky and pan down