John Hughes has got it almost right in his Senses of Cinema piece on the rise and fall of the film cooperatives.  I’m conspicuous by my absence but it doesn’t matter and I’m grateful for him documenting things I’ve stopped remembering.

These items are in various places and documents so consider this as a growing resource. Meanwhile, please see John’s piece.

Let’s start with the logo, it was designed by Tony Ward (AW) was a freelance designer and a member of the All Australian Grafitti group. He was a friend of a couple of the Co-op filmmakers (Nigel Buestt, Paul Cox?) I think he designed it as a spontaneous gift, it starts showing up on documents around the time we were in Spring Street. Mimmo Cozzolino has a folio of Tony’s art work here.

This short fragment was taken in the Co-op office in Spring Street and shows manager John Matthews.