Equity AM Radio Clock Robot 1970's Excellent Condition, radio works, no foam box divider but un-scuffed excellent box eBay says $50 Height 450g

Update: They have all been sold to an English collector. He promises to love them.

It’s time to get rid of the robots. All of them.

How many? Lots (160+ larger ones, dozens smaller)

Why? Well I no longer have a country shed to store the six tea chests full of them. That’s because I’ve moved to a small city apartment that I can’t display them in, and if you don’t see them to enjoy them, paying for storage seems silly. I’m never going to move to a (much) bigger apartment.

I started collecting when the first Star Wars movie in 1977, with it’s sophisticated R2D2 and C3PO dealt a death ray blow to those men in cardboard robot suits. Those had been my introduction to B Movie science fiction. A lot o0f other robots joined the collection that I thought were fun, and many were given as presents ‘since you collect robots’. When I started to collect those toys, I was sure that they would disappear and (he laughs, gloating) I’d have them ALL and they’d be really valuable; and I’d be rich! Except they didn’t and I’m not.

I always thought that I would one day pass on my collection to my daughter. A tin toy inheritance, but she has no room to store them either, and doesn’t feel the same affection so it’s now my problem to find them a good home. I’m putting them up on eBay and maybe I’ll get some money back for the cost of moving them from Melbourne to Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne as I moved. Like all collectors, I figured the longer I kept them, the more valuable they’d be. Which if you’re a cheap toy made of plastic or shiny tin isn’t always the case, especially if you’re wrapped in paper in a wooden box in an shed that goes from -10 deg.C in winter to very hot in summer.

Some of them have laughed off the possum piss, some of them haven’t survived that well. Like this one. It was shiny silver when it went into storage, and rusty now. Sure they look nostalgic and ‘older’ but collectors don’t want that, so this is a special kind of sale. The prices I’d see on the auction sites sometimes surprised and pleased me for what I thought were similar quality to mine, but the highest prices where always ‘in box, minor signs of wear, good working condition etc.’

Ahh, that box. That was one thing I thought I’d been clever about. To save room and keep the quality high, I stored the tops of the boxes separately. I carefully removed the staples if they had them and threw away the plain cardboard bottoms. Now the collectors tell me that was a bad idea. They want a box and I (as can they) could have them made for about ten dollars or so each, but there’s quite a few which reduces the value if reselling. And they said, if I’d kept the original staples… but I wasn’t a staple collector.

‘GOOD WORKING CONDITION’. Some of these are in boxes and were unopened and hadn’t been played with by small girls (or big boys). Even those sometimes didn’t want to work until I cleaned contacts, jiggled legs, and spoke encouragingly to. All the ones I’ve persisted with (even opening backs that were easy to i.e. used screws) have been brought back to life. I’ve avoided the metal ones with tabs that fold, figuring a younger, steadier hand than mine was require or I’d just bust them off. So I feel that someone who purchased them could be sure that most of them will work with some fiddling. I started to film them so potential buyers could see what did or didn’t work (see the YouTube video below). That’s too time consuming I reckoned, I have other things to do with my days and nights while I’m getting older. I’m happier to take a lower price because the buyer takes the risk. There’s no returns on these.

I did catalogue them, photographing each front and back and the box lid if I had them.  This meant dragging a box at a time to the apartment and setting up a small folding light table.

That was so I could create a list of what I had and give some idea what condition they were in (very dusty mostly, as you’ll see in the photographs). I’ve made up some PDF proof sheets that could give you some idea of condition of each when you zoom in, and for serious intending purchasers I can give you a link to the larger  images in my Dropbox. That might help you for resale promotion.

I listed each of the items in the boxes and started to add prices I could find of comparable ones on the online auction sites. I quickly reached $3000 US, by being conservative as to what matching quality I had, for those that I knew worked. There are also many bits, spare parts, some that are not matched yet.  After talking with a dealer, I’m guessing there’s value there for a re-seller of at least $6000 AU. So I’m listing on eBay for $4,000 AU (that’s about US$2700). I don’t want the pain of selling individually, having to pack and post, so it’s a ‘garage lot’ and sold as is. We’ll have to work out the best way to ship six tea-chest size cardboard cartons, I’m suggesting it will be too hard to do overseas shipping. If it’s an east coast or SA buyer, I’ll happily put them in a van and deliver them to you. (The Great Australian Robot Collection Delivery Tour sounds like fun.)


Here are two PDF documents, the first has most of the A-grade ones, the second has some good but more market stall stuff and all the flat pack boxes .

Best selectionMost of the rest and boxes

See The Lists below for their names and what I’ve found as indicative current prices prices. You can work out what prices you know or think they could resell for, and that might affect your eBay bids. There’s no Gang of Four type rarities, but some that are hard to find online, and a couple of unique ones.


2XL 8 track robot   with 8 track tape Guinness Book of Records Q&A tape, tape end is unattached.
ROBOT PHONE - Working, hinge broken has gaffer tape marks where I taped it up. there's a pulse/digital tone switch.
TRANSPARENT LASER GUN, Potex No 392T,  Made in China, Super 8 space sounds, move along laser light. Good condition, LED's and audio not working (it did but stopped - switch?) 23cm
MISSION ROBOT RC HK-356  Inflatable 25'' Mission Robot Ho-Kai Toys NIB works, moves forward and back, Stop and go, turns around on reverse, it can hold light items on tray or other articles in robots bag. 4 D batteries and one 9 volt battery.
LASER ROBOT FIGHTER, No.9801 Made in China,  noises all work, eyes flash, hand weapons don't connect to power, walked briefly, Good condition. Box good. 26cm tall
WOWWEE 7' inch Mini Spidersapien 8173 Hong Kong 'with real walking action , Light Up eyes and push activated pinchers'. Unopened box. (how did that get in the collection?)
SRM RAYGUN No 2025 Power Gear 'Super Thunder Flash' ray gun.  Made in China. Sounds work, some LEDs don't. Can't remember the Awesome Flash Effect 4AA batteries. Good to very good physical condition. Box good. 36cm (1998 ebay says) $10
SUPER ROBOTCOM. Posable. Gun and adhesive stickers for decoration. Made in Taiwan. "Great powerful Mega Murpheen. The turbo ranger. They are protecting the space city and fight with the attacker." (sic) 24cm  $3
Small plastic wind up robot with one eye - Cyclops. Originally produced by Yone, and marked Made in Japan Serial No 2280 (left). Subsequently reissued in China Serial No 3213 (right) in a virtually identical box. Good condition box.
Released as the Cyclops Robot c1995   $35
FLOMO Robot Pencil Box No. KF-G770 and FM-252-01A. Box has water damage on rear, front and all of the pencil case is in v good condition   $35
ARCO GOBOTS 1985 Binoculars Transforming Robot Action Figure  Box says View Bots  $25 in original box, slightly squashed.
ROTATING RADAR BOTS 3 x small Rotating Radar Bots (One with no antenna)
ATTACKING ROBOT (with spaceman face inside)
Plastic friction rolling robot, red body, blue legs. Squat design with head incorporated in body. Horns. Gripping hands. Japanese market release. c1980s  no box
ROBBY GEAR ROBOT with missing white gear) working
OMNI 2002 Model 2B  x 2 black one box
MYROBO Expanding Robot - Gold 450g worked when I pulled it apart, re-soldered lead, didn't when I reassembled. grrr
ROTO-ROBOT works, box.
WISE GUY ROBOT - unique Australian educational robot, pretty rare. Needs lots of contact cleaning before testing, the Q&A cards all have contacts needing cleaning. Most cards still included, they were perforated sheets. This was going to a museum but I've added it for value.
SUPER ASTRONAUT   with the Storm Trooper head
ORBIE - a plastic blow up robot about 18 inches tall. Marked as made for Australian distributor, I've not found another. Has a small patch-able split in the neck seam and I can't find previous photos I took of it to show. Great 'bewildered' face.
ROBBIE ROBOT  Remote controlled Supertoys version
Sparkling WALKING ROBOT - Elmar
RADIROBO - Yonezawa - Japan  Plastic battery operated pedestal robot. Radio control with a space gun shaped transmitter. WAVEHUNTER 29. Yellow body, blue base, low profile domed head. Articulated arms with metal rod connectors.   ebay $26
Remote Controlled ROBOT PUPPY - Arco woks, box
MYROBO expanding)
OMNI 2  (best one of three)
Transformers SPEED DIAL 800, and SPY CAMERA robots
SPACE WALK MAN ME100 (Home de Space Marchant) 2 x one boxed complete
MediPALs x 2 on cards Bubble packed.
SOMA ACTION ROBOT, working 2 Missiles (stored in Battery compartment if you're looking)
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy Story, original release. Some damage
ENGINE ROBOT (I used to call this the Tits robot but I think they're meant to be rockets) they flash.
Unidentified Fly Eye robot Chest lights up, not walking
Omni 2002 2 Model B.  Silver
HIGH WHEEL ROBOT Repro new. In box. working.
CAP GUN Robot - Arco works, no caps left
MARS EXPLORER Schylling repro intact in box,  working
Lark CERAMIC PENCIL SHARPENER Robots   complete in box, another favourite
UFO-X2 Saucer, works has box, noisy
Bandai KIT ROBOT GM. Kit no17  in box
Flip ROBOT Somersalt (sic) small squat , works, box damaged
CAP TAIN the robot -MTU Working, some rust, has good box
FLYING SAUCER Pull string Flying Saucer works
4 thin plastic ROBOT MASKS. one damaged
R2D2 Birthday Candle old, fragile
ROBO CUP, silicone measuring cups, newish, boxed
YUMBOTS, silicon cup cake molds  newish boxed
MICRO INSECT robot, on card bubble pack, unopened.

TOBOR (with box) all working. 'Commander' controller (clicker), carry 'basket'
TALK-A-TRON - Playwell, works no battery cover on handset.
SPACE BOAT Saucer ME 780 Have good box, cracked dome, all works
c3PO Pizza Hut drink Topper
BOM Bomber Man  money box. works, boxed.
SPACE ROBOT and remote in bubblepack Gold. Unopened.
MARS EXPLORER Schylling repro missing rudder other wise working, box
Robot Mouse Bubblepack, Rusted battery box.
COMPUROBOT, have box, seems to be working, multiple programs on lid.
SKY ROBOT -roller wheels. Working. Have box.
STARRY ROBOT Disc Shooting Robot  Works doesn't shoot, just clicks, maybe just adjustment Have Box
ROBOTANK RTZ - for parts  650g
Machine Men DESK-BOT have box.
AM ROBOT RADIO - Says made for G.J.Coles Australia. Faded plastic. Works, box
Robot Radio I-M-1 Star Command. works, have box.
Space Commander Robot 7915 (ratty box) Robot Commande Galactic, Macau
Tandy UFO radio RS 958 /12
Robot Light Pen working, have box
RM-35 and YM3 Matsayuda miniature repros.
Die Cast Z figure, eyebrows move.
Die cast 8 Figure GB62 ST, D0306318 Japan. Box discoloured.
Rotating Tin Robot Yone Crazy eyes.
Sparking tin MTU Korea hole in head for?
Clockwork sparking chest IMCD No 3117 Hong Kong Plastic (no spark) Noguchi. Tokyo, Japan. Emerald green one arm missing Japan
2 x ROTATOR robots small, Red one is friction
Yone small, Tin Body No2134, silver is fading
Japan windup silver with Red Arms IM trademark heavy plastic
TN 05-135 Red Arm windup made in Hongkong
Alien Kangaroo Robot Money box
Red silver legs arm, plastic windup No2003 Fly eyed.
Moon Spinner Robot IH Toy Hero No 1101
Silver Red 902 AC, HC? Hong Kong Radar Robot Fly Eyes and Rotating steering wheel ears
RACER ROCKET 7, tin plastic head driver
2002 M.D. Space Robot in bubble pack, Die cast
ROBOT MACHINE BANK Working Box bottom missing No558 Made in Hong Kong UK patent 1009476
TETSUWAN ATOM Takara ST. in box
SWEEPING ROBOT, blue. windup spring slips.
SPACE FLYING BOAT ST-1 MF249 - working
MILD ROBOT-BOWTIE ROBOT. Has loose arm. no decals, NO BOX
SKY ROBOT X 2 rollers in chest Second one has no box
MOONMAN 001 - No antennae/springs, marks on body. No box.
SPACE ROBOT NO 2002 Windup Space Robot SERIES Bubble pack opened
MR.ROBOT assemble Wooden Robot China - in Box
R2D2 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Money boxes. two white, one cleaner than the other

QONTO 12" Needs a clean. Some damage on right hand, chest 'rockets' pop out with rear levers. lights inside work, driver wheel gave a kick W. 200g  With Box $120

ATOMIC ROCKET X-1800 motor, lights and noise works, has crack in cockpit glass, no 'radar' but maybe it's elsewhere (I hate that replica one available on eBay). The on/off lever isn't 'positive' but there's a point where it turns on. Aging litho work.  380g  No box. $60

MR.MONSTER works, lights, noises. Have Box. $80 350g

ROBBY ROBOT windup, Original. Action Planet Robot - Robby YOSHIYA KO (JAPAN) 9", weight:250g working clockwork, unsteady one roller on foot needs to be pushed back into place. No sparks. No box. $100

ALPS TELEVISION SPACEMAN ROBOT 50’s Battery Operated 11 inches (28cm) original tin toy space robot working, broken front edge of clear plastic visor. Unsteady action needs tin straightening. Have old fair condition box   $200

UFO X05 Japan TM Matsudya Tin Litho 1960's Space Flying Saucer (likely 70s repro) all works. V.good condition, Good Box.  $30

ZEROIDS  Treads have all come apart at seam. Should glue together again Except for one Zerak and one Zobor.
Zintar  gave a kick, 2x Zerak (two boxes) one with treads,motor spins, stops/jams reverse, probably only needs lubricant.
Group of 3 with one duplicate and display boxed Zerak      Four weigh 550g

TALKING DALEK - PALITOY - ENGLAND BBC Dr Who toy has a friction drive and a battery operated talking mechanism. Pressing the button on the head selects one of a series of recordings on a plastic record. Phrases include "WHAT ARE YOUR ORDERS?", "EXTERMINATE", "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" and "YOU WILL OBEY". Introduced in 1973. This is a mechanical mechanism with record, diaphragm and stylus. (The Dalek came in three colour combinations, silver with blue spots, red with black spots and mine is silver with black spots. )7"  Good Box. $70

KINSMAN 'CONVEYER' Robot Machine 7021 Dah Yang Toys, Japan (Taiwan?)1984
13.25" high (including sign on head which removes) by 15.75" wide,  includes 5  little robots are 1.875" high.   weighs 450g  $30  working.  Box good.

HIGH-WHEEL ROBOT, 6 GEAR VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPAN  Yoshiya made this robot in the late 50’s to early 60’s in Japan. 10″ tall tin with plastic hands, chest plate, and gears. The clockwork motor works and the paint is in good condition with minor rust. Original key.   Left foot bent at rear tin, so walks backward, in place. no top left drive gear in front panel. No spark. No box.  $60  weigh 300g

ROBOT 2500 - DURHAM INDUSTRIES - HONG KONG Chrome silver plastic battery operated robot. Not working. It had 'heart' flashing on chest and one lighted eye. Natural walking motion with arms and legs moving together. Plastic with cylindrical tin body with chrome metal decal decoration and decal stickers. 25cm.  Silver sprayed plastic is fading in some areas to show yellow plastic interior. V. good box $70 weighs 350g

DYNAMIC FIGHTER Robot - Junior Toys, 1978-80? walks, lights up fires guns,  smoking. Noisy!   Good condition, good box  $90  weighs just under 500g

SATURN ROBOT - KAMCO - HONG KONG 13 inch plastic battery op robot. Walks with TV screen in the chest showing a space scene. Lighted eyes. Decal detailing on an angled panel below the chest- mine has been glued on upside down to box examples. 1980s. The most common version is black. Works, struggles at different points of the cycle, seems like batteries dislodge as it walks. 600g  No Box. $50

Talking Robot With Missile Shooting Action,36014 Yonezawa Japan, battery operated-dark grey plastic, with lithographed tinplate body, in very good condition with original box lid good condition. However doesn't work/walk. anymore, Some response as buttons click inside. Height approx 29cms 600g    $50

460g Excavator EXCAVATOR ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPAN 1979 Not working. Good body condition, good Box
Blue plastic battery operated robot. The robot walks and the two chrome silver drills rotate. This usually has two red gears with a yellow gear below. The box art shows a robot with a slightly raised head.   $90

 TV ROBOT SUPERBOT by Botoy  1987 Gold version, (usually silver), no Gun  lights up, no action.   No Box $10

1979 MEGO BUCK ROGERS WALKING TWIKI ROBOT Mint IN V.Good BOX wind-up    $80 with Box Weighs 100g

EQUITY AM RADIO CLOCK Robot  1970's Excellent Condition, radio works, no foam box divider but un-scuffed excellent box  $50 weight 450g

DOCTOR WHO TALKING K-9, Palitoy 1978-9 1978 very good condition, have original box, two sides of record player work, tail, nose 'gun' intact, ends of collar decal lifting slightly. 8.5 inches/ 22 cm long, weighs 250g  $200

Plastic friction robot, red body, blue legs. Squat design with head incorporated in body. Horns. Gripping hands. Japanese market release. Date? C 1980s No box.

SPACE SAUCER PB-70 Toei San Ku Kaï Made in Japan  Measures about 4 1/2" in diameter includes Tonto Astronaut (with one broken hand) Push the button on side and capsule opens up shows Tonto robot.   $50 with two rockets

Manga MEGA Diecast spinner robot heavy, box


STARRY ROBOT Disc Shooting Robot  Walks ,good Box disc shooter clicks, doesn't spit out discs. Has discs.