I’m uncertain about this as a category. I’m just experimenting here, see the New Things menu for er, new things but while sourcing archive images and retouching for Jan’s book some I needed to know the stories behind them. Or make some up like the Fitzroy Street noir. While I’m playing with the formats, here’s some short tales.

There's something strange going on here

Fitzroy Street St. Kilda 1920 using clickable hot spots on an image.



 And an ongoing comic strip about a found fragment of Super8 and what the film format means to me.




And a video made from black and white stills, but it needs this YouTube caption –

‘They were different times. Easter 1967. I think it was Rikki who had the only proper pack, but a cheap plastic suitcase seemed our only available option to carry our camping things and dogfood. Today you can’t have dogs in National Parks, and there’s no safe hut anymore at Lake Albina where you could stay a few nights if you sent the ski club a donation. The valley is still as wonderful, probably more so without ‘tourists’ with suitcases and small dogs.

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