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"As to where I got them - I first met Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie in 1999 while I was head chef at a local restaurant, at which the owners truly believed in sourcing the finest regional produce. They had the finest local organic chickens and eggs, local biodynamic meats and amazing vegetables which tasted like the ones we had grown on our family farm as kids (and I had never really seen since).

"So over the years, Mike and Joyce have not only supplied fruit and vegetables to the different restaurants that I have run, they have become friends who share a passion for good food, where food is our lives.

Joyce Wilkie adds nettles to the regular vegetable delivery

"Last year, I taught a master class at CIT on regional produce. Whilst investigating for this class, I stumbled across many more suppliers than I had intended, realizing that this region is beginning to blossom with many people who also share that same passion for real food. We use as many local suppliers as possible. I love going to the local farmers’ markets each and every week, and I use it as an excuse to hang out with like-minded chefs, friends and apprentices. We drink coffee, smell and taste fruit, veg, cheese, oils and nuts etc etc. I love meeting suppliers who know what they are talking about and who enjoy talking about food. It really gives me (and my chef friends) a sense of understanding, respect and pride for our careers. We understand where our ingredients come from and what to look for in excellent produce.

"So after all that, during a weekly chat to Joyce about what goodies she had for me that week, I asked her if she were able to supply me with nettles for the winter menu. She laughed and asked me if I seriously wanted to use the “weeds” that grew around her farm. It was as simple as that"

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