For the first time in history, that was what it was all about. And there were enough of us and we were vocal enough to stop wars.

There is more 8mm and Super 8 footage in my boxes from this time than stills, so this isn't a great coverage. Maybe you'll consider it of passing interest. The Moratoriums were important to me as I had 'conscientiously objected' to conscription and watched my school friends go to Vietnam thinking it was some teenage lark. One came back without feet, having stepped on a mine while getting water for tea. There were all ages in those marches but the faces seem all young in these images, again there is a YouTube video of one march in 1971.

"The Odyssey" Festival at Wallacia (1971) in NSW was the first pop festival I attended, and here's my transfer of the Super 8 movie. There was more of the people than the bands, these were social occasions, tribal reinforcement but it shows Tully waking the crowd at dawn. Since I was student poor and couldn't afford the film, it is mostly single frame streams with bursts of live action. The still pictures here include a tent sign that I photographed over the days, and it seems I was interested a lot in the girls.

Sunbury (1972) again is covered well on my Super 8, here's a Youtube edit. These photos were some stills of the waterproof five-ply cardboard dome I built and took to the camp site balanced on the pack rack top of my Fiat 1100. Domes were in at the time.

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