Howard Lindley was a music writer for POL and Melbourne's GoSet magazine. I met him first when he came along to some screenings at the Melb. Film Co-op in the late 60's.  I don't remember what lead me to helping him submit an application for a short film grant from the AFI but once that was done, and the grant (of $5,000) came through  I found myself working as Producer and Director of Photography (the title film-maker sits best) on a movie that I don't think ever had a title. Like everyone given enough money to shoot a short at the time, we proceeded to shoot a feature.

The inspiration was Godard's One plus One (1968), at the time a radical mix of the Rolling Stones in the studio recording Sympathy for the Devil, and intercut politcal diatribes (or the other way around). Anyway we ended up with an advance pressing of the Masters Apprentices Choice Cuts album transferred to tape, a Nagra and a hired Bolex with a sync motor. And the participation of the Masters' themselves.

We followed them around on a couple of weekends, and with Jim Keays one early weekday morning in a South Yarra Gallery. We also shot mute footage at a concert in the student union at Monash Uni. I know we did at least two sync playback scenes. One ('Michael') when they were taping a Countdown (TDK?) show at ABC Ripponlea, and just Jim Keays for 'I'm your Satisfier' . We transferred more tracks but I can't remember shooting the others. Clips from those two were in the third episode of the ABC documentary 'Long way to the top- A History of Australian Rock and Roll.'.

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