Neg. dirt and scratches. 

While I had the loan of a slide scanner for a few days, I hunted out some old negs.and was prompted by the Masters Apprentices footage on TV to produce the Howard Lindley piece below.   These stories are moving to my personal archive in an an updated format (bigger pictures, more text and video)  on While I Remember It .
Gertrude St. Fitzroy 1968While a photography student at RMIT, I made this record of Fitzroy pubs and street life one night in 1967. The images were used in a feature piece in the student newspaper, Catalyst
Jim Keays 'satisfying' Howard Lindley was a writer, director and great Masters Apprentices fan . I began shooting a feature for him, material from it has been used in the ABC 'Long way to the Top - History of Australian Rock and Roll'. There's a story behind it of course.
Harold Holt. PM.Prime Minister Harold Holt drowned before this sculpture would have been cast.I photographed one of the 'sittings' again for Catalyst.
I was in Rutherglen on a wet weekend in 1969, and visited nearby historic Corowa. I don't remember the town at all and these photographs could have come from a film set. A very strange afternoon.
Me with a portable dome, Sunbury January 1972Domes, pop festivals and moratoriums. The festival was Wallacia and very hippy, my dome was cardboard and at Sunbury, and the whole creative department of Clemenger Advertising left work to attend the marches. Management had no choice but to grudgingly approve.
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