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• The inevitable CV (2018)
Web production history
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Regional Food magazine
Family History  you just have to do it - here's a start
Early photos, Moratoriums, pop festivals, some student work, Harold Holt, Carlton arts in 70s,and Masters Apprentices - Howard Lindley tribute

An occasional country letter to city friends - >The Menu 
Browning off
Be Fruitful and ...
• 2001 Christmas Card
Cloud Gardening
Mists and Mellow stuff 

... which became an almost daily diary until I started
Regional Food magazine

Another Country Diary
(I used to update it between issues of the magazine)

Canberra Arts website
Living Italy - Umbria
tendigital website (huh?)
Centenary of Federation Multimedia Flash quiz 

Old Firmware <thinktags>
• Is Web Animation Vulgar?
• I Like Banner Ads
• Smile Geek!
• Miscellenium

MM. Australian
MultiMedia Magazine

• Where I lived ( till 2014!)
• Last Online Issue #16

Some MM feature items
• Dana Atchley - Storyteller
• Romeo & Juliet & Peter Webb + Photo Gallery
• Walt Whitman's Butterfly

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Full 10 year article list lurking somehwere
• Characterizing Mr. Storm

Better Homes & Gardens
(gee did I say that in 2000?)

 Video List Page 

Windows, Real Media formats (Hah!)

As a large part of of my work has been for the web, examples were disappearing forever with the inevitable 'link rot' that haunts anyone writing for the internet. These pages attempt to address the problem in a way I can control (have your own web server). It's not a unique problem and is much the same for writers for newspapers and the small circulation trade press for that matter. Then it's an archived copy on microfiche in a library somewhere, or a digital scan if they're lucky, but usually fading and crumbling newsprint, all engendering a sense of impermanence and irrelevance. 

If you've found this page via the web and don't know me, many of the pieces you will find here will still be significant documents in themselves even if you remove the 'me' from them. ( For example I'm slowly entering the full transcriptions of the best interviews from the 10 years or so I edited the Technicalities section of Cinema Papers . These are early interviews with Australian cinematographers and special effects artists. The files go back to Scripsit tapes from a TRS80 and lots of (when they actually were) floppy 5.25" disks. Other items now are are just  little dated time capsules of the early days of the 'new media', these I thought might be fun for someone. 

The other reason for this site is that I keep stuff. For me moving house is hell. The boxes of magazines, disks, home movies and tapes all get shuffled around as I've shuffled from city to city, to and from the country, and from state to state. Somehow this baggage was important to keep as it defined me, what I was like then, what I thought about, cared about.  You'll find some of the contents from those boxes here as well.

There have been only short times in the last thirty years where I've been writing or editing full time for a living. Most of the articles here have been written while I was working in the areas of film, TV, multimedia and the Internet in various professional roles. So there's a lot of the 'amateur' here (in the sense of the word's origin 'done with love') that is also worth keeping. I've always called myself a technical writer, but that doesn't mean that there was no room in those articles for personal opinion or appreciation of the change these technologies have made on our society. I'm pleased there's a lot of emotion as well in amongst it all.

I've been lucky all through my life to have worked with, and met people who in some way have changed our media culture. Saving those experiences here is also a way of saying that I'm grateful for the time they gave me.

Fred Harden
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