Country Life

I'm lucky to live in a lovely old house in the village of Bungendore in rural New South Wales, just outside the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

These pages are where I display for my friends and absent family members the standard cat, dog, and garden pictures. Just kidding (but only slightly). These pictures are my 'notes' taken to show some of the reasons why I love where I live. I've detected a possible trend that this is seasonal, but it's more to do with the gap in the time it takes to select and 'publish'. There is however, a desperation in the attempt to capture that cyclical change happening everywhere around me. More pictures! Take more! Onward damn it, before it slips away. 

(If you are interested, there's an almost daily report on this, in my Another Country Diary but with more words.)


Stained glass? Honesty flower heads. Browning off
The regulation Christmas at Jan's parents in Melbourne took us away as fires were breaking out all around our valley. The air is smoky, but we're safe (and lucky).
Last years jam on Silo bread toast... Be Fruitful and ...
Summer and the garden is loaded with fruit. Jan's flower beds are a constant surprise and the colours so intense they almost bleed on the monitor like bad VHS. 
Thunder clouds and starlings Cloud Gardening
Spring brings the biggest changes in the weather here and I've been driving through the valley through some  great thunderstorms. It's a time for lots of blossom! 
Basil in a bowl Mists and mellow stuff 
Yeah, it's Autumn. The time when all good basil turns to pesto to escape the first frosts. 
This year we've beaten the birds to the quinces. Yellow 
We've got a Cedar tree that religiously dusts us down with yellow pollen each Easter. It's also a time for quinces and yellow leaves. 
Nostalgia? How about a tyre swing. History. When I first came to Bungendore five years ago, I was editing the online Australian MultiMedia magazine. I wrote this to explain what the attraction of the country was to my city friends.

The following pages have some text and a dozen or so thumbnails linked to 130-160k jpegs,all 750 pixels wide , the images open a new window. 

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