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Microsoft's Merlin 'Agent'Coming out of the inadequacies of Microsoft's (much touted to developers) platform dependant Active-X Agent technology (funny how that now seems to have dropped off the menu but it's still very clever), you should try the ToggleThis! downloadable characters.

Lost in Space promotional animation from ToggleThis!





All the keyframe animation, music and sound effects come in an installable Mac or PC file, and you then get tiny files from the site you visit (or in the case of the Lost in Space promo, as an email attachment of around 30k). These contain the (short) story segment and the character's speech balloons. The product runs over your desktop image or blacks it out, and allows (evenr insists) that you interact Bozlo Beaver copyright Warner Bros.with the characters (picking them up and dropping them etc.) Short, smooth, very fast but decidedly unfunny, (especially the Bozlo Beaver character which is also most unattractively drawn) the company obviously have their commercial sponsorship plans as a priority (Intel's Bunny People ...shudder!) and aren't interested in an entertainment focus. Clever technology but so far reduced to a screensaver level.


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