Web Animation Resources.

Animation World NetworkFirst stop, go to the Animation World Network and subscribe to their weekly email newsletter. It's mostly American entertainment and TV commercial business news, but it doesn't hurt to see how the other half lives, and it announces when each edition of the monthly online magazine is updated. The Acrobat version of the magazine needs an art director badly but the content is excellent. The articles are sometimes a bit stiff and academic but the interviews are always good.

While you are there on AWN, take a few weeks off and explore the links to the animation company's websites, and read the Archive documents.  You can download the back issues of the magazine so that you can read them on your laptop on the next train/plane trip, or print them out on the office colour laser printer and hand them around. How they manage the depth of content each month without major sponsorship I don't know. Buy something from them!

Internet Cartoon forum
The ICF is more fan driven but the enthusiasm their for the medium is catching. Try their Linkies er, links

Yahoo's Visual Arts /Animation Links page - a bit better then most in the 'File not found 404' stakes.

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