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not so light either!

daily multimedia with attitude in

This is probably where you came in, and it was updated each day that I was at a computer. You can still get a taste of its mix of multimedia news, new products and more eclectic electric bits from the MMemento menu.

ring, fax, snail mail, email - this is where you'll find us

Current was our 'what's new' and contacts section . You would check here for the latest editorial stuff, who we are etc. (It was last updated July 7, 1997)

now serving multimedia with a smile in

kitchen contents -We dropped the frames making a new easy-to-clean kitchen. Book reviews, new media, new products, Jackie Cooper and we serve up on of my favourite

plucked from the multi-media that shape us

Peter Webb is a digital effects whizz, and he worked on Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. This interview points to the future of cinema effects.
It's called Romeo+Juliet+Peter Webb.
Also in the Feature(s) Past are interviews with illustrator/artist Bill O'Donovan and a story on Dana Atchley Digital Storyteller

cutting, slicing and dicing

PowerTools died first of all. It was hard work keeping up as a local (Australian) source for the latest multimedia hardware and software press releases as we build a searchable database. It's was all here a few days before the weekly newspapers and a long time before the monthly magazines. Nice idea tho'.

big ideas (yours), no pictures

It was designed as the place where you tell us what you think. It worked well until TPG couldn't get the Front Page extensions to work longer than a week. You can pick over the last few the discussion contents if you must.

big pictures, big ideas

We did't always do it this way, but the featured artistin the Gallery is the subject of this issues feature(s). Peter Webb works in a number of digital mediums, here he shows his mainly photographic, personal art and some commercial film work as well.

the list that won't die

All the last issues Links and a few more besides, all gathered in one handy spot with added enzymes

and the database ghost who walks

MM15.5 Full Text Search - if it's was here and in html, this was where you'd find it all, again the FP97 extensions often didn't work.


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