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Issue 16

All the server access hassles seem to have gone away, and the new issue material is up.
If some of the links you had bookmarked don't take you where you want to go, it's because we've decided to change the way MM is structured. From our stats most of your hits are getting lost in the MMaze and we are obviously not presenting the zine properly. There's a new front end, new JavaScript menu, and a committment to our press release database as a central reason why you would come here. Instead of dividing the material into fun vs serious, expect an application of our 'not so heavy' promise across the whole site.

That's typified by our new section. If you just want a quick buzz, bookmark the page and hit it often. If I'm sitting at the computer it will change even during the day. If I'm out feeding the chooks, or visiting town, look in Kitchen for MMemento, the 'best of' the bits you've missed.

If this is your first visit to MM and you wonder who we are or where we've been, you might like these (looking a bit old) background details. We aim to be a magazine for Australian multimedia makers in the broadest sense of the definition, as in multiple media. That probably includes you.We also try to be not so heavy as we put it all together, so along with our industry news PowerTools, there's lighter multimedia cultural pieces in the Kitchen and our Feature(s) section.

My voice is (unfortunately) all over this. As a writer it's great not to have anyone mess with your stuff, but as an editor, I'd give it up tomorrow if we could afford some good writers to keep the content alive. I work from home in a little
country town in NSW, just over the ACT border. I enjoy that, being around my family, and even having to drive for three hours to get to Sydney for trade launches and events seems worth it. Other than a courier or two getting lost, this tele-commuting seems to be working.

Fred Harden

Our Postal address is

MM Online
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Phone and Fax (06) 238 0020
If you're overseas that's 61 6 238 0020


Our registered trading name is Australian MultiMedia Magazine, that masthead is owned by Matt & Fiona Handbury of Murdoch Magazines.

Our Internet service provider is TPGi. We are our own web builders, and do some work outside as Digital Mechanics. We really like the ease of Front Page 97 and check this with Netscape 3, IE.3, and sometimes (shudder) Netscape 2.

They said that the cargo cult will send goodies if we put up the
logo and it did!

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