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No more Excuses

After two years of putting out MM Online and trying to interest sponsors in the potential of so many dedicated readers, I'm going to have to stop. The work that pays the bills (for me writing and web consulting / building) has taken over so that I don't have the time to do this properly. And it deserves being done properly.

Thanks for all your friendly email's, when we've reached some conclusions about the future of the MM Online title we'll make an announcement. 'Till then, try the Digital Mechanics Newsletter for something remarkably like the regular MMemo mix of industry news and products, but with a stronger online developer theme.

I am reorganising the MM archives so that all those links from the outside world still go somewhere, and I will be putting up some of the best articles from our last four (gasp) years. For now you're welcome to explore the most recent material via this MMenu for Issue 16. 

(For the best of past mm
emos, see this mmemento menu)

Fred Harden