Issue 15 MM Online
Someone said they liked the cars in the last issue, here's another, a Kaiser.

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All issue 15's links in one spot


Australian WebMaster (Re)view -
IDG website , US WebMaster magazine

Graphic sites
@NY , Hedda Lettuce, Marvel Entertainment Group Dilbert, City of Lost Children Game, The PC Graphics Web Emigre, Daisy

Wacky Packs
John Mann's Wacky Packs, Myriad Design, Wacky Packs

Tropical Fruit
'The House of Fablor', MCI's Grammercy Press

Maclife Magazine, ALLES Internet Voice Magazine, Mamoru Oshii interview (Ghost in the Shell)

Walt Whitman's Butterfly

Whitman at Library of Congress
, Annotated Leaves of Grass, The Walt Whitman Circle


Dana Atchley
Digital Storytelling Festival, Ace Space Show review, Next Exit, BIG!Drive

Bill O'Donovan
Johnny Ice- Digital Detective (here on MM), or on Village's Channel 99.



last writes

The Zug site, and Australian Announce Archive.

And don't forget to hand out our award whenever you strike
bad speelling on the interdnet.

Graphics/MultiMedia sites

Webmonkey is the section of HotWired I always visit, each day there's a different subject/writer
covering HTML, plug-ins etc.

Publish RGB The current issues hot tips in a nice easy search form

DVlive Digital Video magazine's online site. Good reviews, tutorials. Gets better.

Adobe Systems Inc Magazine style product information, tutorials

3Name3D Home Page Home of Cyberprops, ready made 3D models

Future Reality Small site, Australian distributor of Flame etc. high end graphics software

Macromedia All the Shockwave you can handle and more.

Firmware If you're going to buy Macromedia, you'll get it from here, support, training

Siggraph 96 Digital Bayou is still worth an hour or two investigation, it was VRML year.

Ultimate 3D Links Mark Van Buren maintains a good list of 3D modelling web sources

In the tradition of Walker Evans who did a book of surreptitious photographs in the New York City subway, 'lens peeping from his overcoat, cable shutter release snaking down his arm', Joe Gioia a NY photographer went out with a suitcase luggage trolley and a hidden camera, and took a whole lot of pictures up girl's dresses. Now we boys have always known that a flash of nickers is more sexy then full nudity and it's all here, summer in New York, bare arms, short dresses, skirts floating in the breeze. There's no name on the site (I wonder why?) but, following the links back, I reckon it's Joe.
.net found the pics too and tell a funny story about a Canadian who was arrested with hours of tape made with a small single chip video camera hidden in his boot. Ah, the old polished shoes trick eh?



Sydney Contemporary Arts Network is a consortium of six contemporary arts
organisations in Sydney, Australia: Artspace, Australian Centre for Photography,
Boomalli, Firstdraft, Street Level and The Performance Space.
SCAN graphic animation by Tony Thorne

MIMA Modern Image Makers Association in Melbourne

Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne



Tucows The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software, Windows Web heaven!

Adelaide Uni. FTP site Latest Netscape etc Or why not go to Netscape direct?

Netscape Australian ftp server

Adobe free software Photoshop GIF Plugins etc

Alien Skin Software mostly promotion

ZD Net Tech Locator Watch this. It's building as a database for all the latest hardware drivers


Business pages we still scroll by.

CMC Magazine Worthwhile serious content on web publishing, commerce. Sloooooow but.

NewsLinx - Daily Web News summaries from various sources, linked.

Interactive Week Ziff Davis, so it's big business stuff.

Interactive Age Here's the big league. Business, advertising information.

Off the Net This is as minimal as it gets, but I find new Web things here every month.

Web Week Magazine - Online

Interactive Publishing Alert's Directory of Online Publications

Ad Age - It's All About Marketing

Hey Toon junkie, If you need high res. graphics and you need them
every day, this is a great site. For US. 10 cents a day, Ron Leishman will email you a new clip art character in EPS format , 365 days a year. You can download some high quality sample images from his site. They're good too.

Fun stuff

 Fray another good online culture magazine, put together by HotWired guys moonlighting.

YOU Amok terrific, strange, perverse (check the auto-eroticism article). A favourite.

Urban Desires still one of the best e-zines, even the back issues are, as they say -'fresh'

Salon is on my bookmarks, and I get the front cover via In-Box Direct in Netscape mail.



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