In this new improved 'easy-clean' Kitchen, we welcome back Jackie Cooper (Yeaaahhh!) Jackie was MM's Associate Editor before she went to fame and relative fortune at The Australian and now the SMH's Icon. There are some small mmemo style bits, reviews of some new books & software, and we serve up Australia's biggest geek as cold Christmas turkey in dead on the web.

Designing Multimedia Web Sites

Tomorrow's Technology Today?
T3 - magazine


Coming up were

24 Hours in Cyberspace

Microsoft's Image Composer

Inside JavaScript,
Late Night ActiveX
Internet International Directory, and more.


the best (and more) of our mmemo bits


a very geeky

New books, mags, & software reviews

Jackie Cooper writes again!
Her Mutlimedia Journal has the usual quirky notes from MM's feminine side
including design, hair and make-up tips, (truly!)

OK, that's enough, I'll dry, if you put away.

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