Issue 16

Romeo + Juliet + Peter Webb

Baz Luhrman's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (that's what it says on the poster) is a hit. Aimed at a teenage audience who think that classics are old MTV pop clips, it calculatedly and cleverly serves up two hours of entertainment that shifts between high drama, comedy and believable romantic tragedy. The film is good but the story that Peter Webb, who worked on the film's digital effects tells of its making, points to a shift in approach that I feel is significant and of wider interest. The digital manipulation of film is set to change our cinema, and this profile of Peter himself, rounds out that story in a personal way.

This was originally presented (with some strange editorial alterations) in The Weekend Australian's SYTE. This is a slightly longer version of that article, with cross links, if you're interested, to the even longer and more industry based Cinema Papers interview with Peter Webb and Chris Schwarze from Melbourne's Complete Post.

Peter Webb is also the featured artist in our Gallery


Dana Atchley- Digital Storyteller
interview with illustrations

Secret City Dementia
Bill O'Donovan interview with illustrations.

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