While I remember
How can people remember things, if they don’t make movies or take photographs?


Then there are splices hard and splices soft.

While remaking some old film splices, I was thinking about conjunctions, those joining words and the relation to film.

The Melbourne Filmmakers Cooperative

Rewinding some history

John Hughes has got it almost right in his piece on the rise and fall of the film cooperatives.  I’m conspicuous by my absence but it doesn’t matter and I’m grateful for him documenting things I’ve stopped remembering.

Film (School)

Cinema Studies at RMIT Photography school

That’s John Grierson. He was held up to us as we did our Film Studies at RMIT Photography School, as sitting on the right hand of the film gods. I was an eager convert to the Church of the State Film Centre.

Burwood High School Film Club

Learning the craft by teaching it

In 1967 I was asked if I’d offer a film history / film making class at Burwood High School, by English teacher Robin Hall.

Doctor Woods Movies - Introduction

I was given a box of Dr Leslie Woods home movies because “the family didn’t want them”. That was a mistake, as you’ll see they’re an invaluable record of an Albury country doctor’s life.

Doctor Woods Part 1

Who are you L.S.Woods?

“There is less justification for make believe in life than there ever was. The changed circumstances of the world, and the altered standards, should have brought home to every person of normal outlook that the readiest means towards an honest living should be sought.”

Doctor Woods Part 2


After the feast moving pictures were shown by Dr. L. S. Woods. Much excitement was caused when the girls who took part in the Netherlands Day festivities saw themselves acting on the screen. Other films showed scenes of Albury and district, with an interesting commentary by Dr. Woods.

Doctor Woods Part 3

Becoming a film-maker

Spending time with these films has brought a lot of pleasure and surprises. As a fellow film-maker, there is recognition of the subtleties within the content.

Doctor Woods Part 4

The home life of a country doctor

The family movies. The people and friends he clearly loved, and what interested him as he grew older – fishing

Not sharp?

Everyone has a quote from Mark Twain.

It’s a fantasy as old as Genesis:

The promise of the apocalypse. With a big enough flood, one gets to start over completely.


In praise of taccola

When I asked the waiter what the birds were, circling above the old walls over our balcony table view in Spello, he shrugged, rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know. I think they’re now one of my favourite ‘exotic’ birds and a tribute to jackdaws is in order.

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