While I remember
How can people remember things, if they don’t make movies or take photographs?

Doctor Woods Part 3

Becoming a film-maker

Spending time with these films has brought a lot of pleasure and surprises. As a fellow film-maker, there is recognition of the subtleties within the content.

Doctor Woods Part 4

The home life of a country doctor

The family movies. The people and friends he clearly loved, and what interested him as he grew older – fishing

Not sharp?

Everyone has a quote from Mark Twain.

It’s a fantasy as old as Genesis:

The promise of the apocalypse. With a big enough flood, one gets to start over completely.


In praise of taccola

When I asked the waiter what the birds were, circling above the old walls over our balcony table view in Spello, he shrugged, rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know. I think they’re now one of my favourite ‘exotic’ birds and a tribute to jackdaws is in order.

Stolen goods

Original thoughts

If you closely examine the men of the quill
And search for goods stolen with sharp piercing eyes…


I don’t look at this page much.  If you have had recurring dreams about falling from a tower, you might want to give this entry a miss as well.
I won’t mind.

The Journal of Albion Moonlight and Kenneth Patchen

I rather prefer short critics to long ones.  I like critics with tan shoes — look nicer, I think. . .

Digital Feng Shui - May 1998

Besides the difficulty in re-organising my desk so that I could actually see the monitor if I faced it East, I wondered if the beneficial effects would carry over into my other peripherals and software.

A Travelling Camera - Photobooks

I make photobooks, and not just because I’m an old ink on paper person (there were those forest destroying magazines for example).  There are many that are personal gifts for friends, those I create and give and never look at again. These photobooks here were made as albums of personal images from special holidays. They’re […]

Peter Tammer

Peter was part of my early filmmaking days and at the birth of the Melbourne Filmmakers Co-op. Now he’s a Senior Statesman of Australian film, perhaps then it was more an older brother. He was four years older then me, born in 1943). He was more of a friend with Jim Wilson than me, but […]

Magnets, rust and shaky cameras

Neil Young is a keen filmmaker and when he is the cinematographer on a project, he lists his name in the credits as Bernard Shakey. Here’s a showreel I assembled when I could see and hold the camera steady. There’s no singing, you’ll get a feel for my regional food interests and some of the […]

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