While I remember
How can people remember things, if they don’t make movies or take photographs?

Adobe Design Conference 1996

SYTE article - The Australian

“The road connects things, the road has the potential of the continually changing viewpoint, a different driveway every night. The only thing about the road that is frustrating, is that it would be terrific if you could turn a corner and really be in a different place. On the Internet you can do that with a simple link. Click on a URL and you are in some fantastic place you never imagined.” Dana Atchley

A story about Dana Atchley

A digital story, therefore vulnerable to magnets

Dana said it was the best thing that had been written about him and he linked to it for years. Besides being flattered (after all it was just using his words) I like it too. He died in San Francisco on December 13 2000.


Not so tinny. From the archive.

This started as a gallery of my toy robots until I began musing on why I collected them. That brought up all the usual stuff, god, drugs, sex, myths and creativity. It was originally made in Flash in 1998.

New things

An update crafted by the editor

Sometimes older material and unfinished pages shuffle up to the homepage that I’d prefer were deeper in the list. Here’s what’s new that I think you’ll like. Eat up.

8mm vs 16mm (according to Brakhage)

Commenting on Bruce Conner's REPORT

“With 8mm you have all the immediate potentiality of the powers of a sketch. You have that brevity, the quickness, the lightweightedness of the camera, that expendability of it. Nothing in the area of 8mm will ever be in the consideration for prizes or awards.”

Bruce Conner

Film Maker, Artist, so so poet

We’d seen some of Conner’s movies during the Co-op days but it is this lecture by Stan Brakhage on Conner at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, April 1973, that gives you a greater understanding of him as an artist. There’s links to videos.

A change of state

From physical to digital images

In 1986, I heard that the legendary Colorfilm laboratory liaison Bill Gooley was dying of cancer. I had met him a few times so I knew had to tell his story for Cinema Papers. Somewhat anxiously I rang him to see if he’d like to talk for the Technicalities section.

Video Editing circa 1971

A Polaroid to remember things by: editing from 1/2 Sony portable to 1/2 inch mains deck. TV sets were our monitors- using the RF (antenna) input not many had a video line input, couch cushions were our tilt bases.

Frank Traynor


These photographs were taken in a city jazz – folk club in 1970? Frank wasn’t expecting me (well, he was but he’d forgotten. I had asked if I could photograph him some days before) and he said he was happy to help a photography student. Video links included.

Shirley Jacobs - Crest

Crest Records

While I was a student at RMIT . We rented the top three rooms upstairs from Crest Records for a studio. And there was a bathroom that we turned into a darkroom.

28 January 2006

A poem

Here’s a small poem, or maybe a country fable, from my Another Country Diary of that date.

Shirley Jacobs in performance

Villa Maria concert

Like all my ‘commercial’ assignments they were opportunities to make more personal work, some of which ended up in my class portfolios. This was a performance at an aged care home.

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