A work in assembly.










The writing was still going up on the wall for the end of the print magazine when Matt Handbury and Tim Trumper had me concentrating on what the online future of Murdoch Magazines should be. There were lots of visits to advertisers and other publisher events to show how we understood the future and (arrogantly) they didn’t. This was an internal memo/newsletter that we circulated on floppy disk to the editors and senior staff of each of their publications that was designed to run in Netscape 1.1. It has examples of of print and online publications that have not left a good archive trail so this document has a place.

Have a look at MMlite #1. You don’t have to eat it after viewing anymore, but at the time it was meant to be for private internal use. This was a time when there may have been less than six modems in the building, three in our AMM office. To view the HTML document we had to install Netscape browsers on the editors and art department computers around the publications.

Many of the monitors were mono. Green screens  were used for text entry, no graphics cards needed. One help call I made was for one of the typists who didn’t know how to set a page width in the word processor so had drawn a chinagraph line where the right margin. When she reached that, she would she stop and add a return to move down a line.