Was this my first visit? It was at Easter in 1967. It is a special place and I was to visit again, never with the same group, but I did go back with Rikki and Margaret individually.  Wikipedia has a map and a bit of geology of this glacial lake and history of the ski hut. My images were on Kodak Tri-X – my film of choice,  back before anything digital, and were taken on my Pentax Spotmatic. I was still processing my own film (you can see some development patchy marks on the last shot). Taking dogs into National Parks is now sensibly restricted, but we were unaware of any small wildlife that might be endangered. What impact we had on the grassland carrying a large plastic suitcase we also never considered. We were eager tourists and not very cool.

I went back again with Margaret, as this 1974 video below tells, but we were  slightly better equipped. The Alpine Ski club had been told to vacate the club in 1969, but five years later the hut was in good repair and the Alpine Parks officers were still bringing in LP gas cylinders, and the toilets were still working.

I wanted to show Margaret more of where I grew up, Walwa and Jingellic on the Murray River.  We then went on to Albina.

I expand on the Narrow Road reference and what’s in this film, in a post here Basho – The Narrow Road to the Deep North.