I’m working on the Standard 8mm 4k scans from Sam Woods collection. These three photographs show an original 4IK frame-capture jpeg, one with a Topaz AI enhanced Face and to me, a more acceptable compromise as a blend done in Photoshop.
Click on each to see on black background, use back button to return.
Watch the detail in her glasses. It is almost none in the original, too much in the Enhanced image (which was only set at 50%).

This enhanced version was pushing the face highlights and made the face look furry,

Blending the two together in Photoshop looked more attractive.

Sam Woods Portrait

I offer this picture as the exhibition main image. I’ve adjusted the large sized Topaz version, which has sufficient resolution to easily work as a large poster. It was taken with a tripod and focus set not very accurately (see how sharp the background is) and Sam has stepped in front. There is someone also in the background (Reel # time