Introducing the standard 8mm film maker Albury doctor Leslie Samuel Woods. You’ll find more about Dr L.S.Woods in this series of articles here. Starting with this post, Who are you L.S.Woods?

The text has had a major revision thanks to the Dr. Wood’s family, and family history research by Sandra Rice.
I can now, as they do, call him Sam Woods!

This movie ‘Teaser’ of his film work in Albury, was transferred in 4k resolution, and I’ve added some music. It runs 3min 30 seconds. It uses images mostly from the reel  “Views around Albury”.

The thumbnails below can be used to move through the other films and short sequences I’ve made.


In order of  dates in the titles (I’m fine-tuning this, but Dr. Woods created  some of these as ‘albums’ where he shows a baby, child growing, growing up and getting married). (Running times at 18fps (estimated, sometimes slower looked more accurate) and Reel lengths (again sometimes estimated).

DrWoods-Paris     14 min 24sec   200 ft   Titled “Off to France” 1937

DrWoods-Venice-Vienna 15:06 200 ft

DrWoods-Berlin 17:35 220 ft

Rotary Conference – Nice 4:18 50 ft
(Much of this has large ‘gate hairs’ and will be difficult to retouch.
Sam kept it as a seperate small reel and didn’t include it in the compiled travel reels.)

DrWoods-Travel Home Mt. Blanc-Colombo (1937)  9:17 180ft

DrWoods-Shots at Random around Albury 4K 9:24 150 ft

DrWoods -Family 00 (Daily Drive, Seen in Valetta at 8 mins) 17:47  150 ft

DrWoods -Family 01 (Beach ?, Valetta, more family members)  13:34 190 ft

DrWoods-Family 02 14:30 200 ft

DrWoods-Family 03  8:08  100 ft

Dr Woods – Family 4  100 ft

DrWoods Family 05 Bermagui,Narooma   6:10, 100’

DrWoods-Odds & Ends   15:23 200 ft.

DrWoods_Misc 15:18   Football, Coloured floats (2:10), Sunburn Cure(9:17) Merimbula (B) Fishing 140 ft total

DrWoods – Merimbula  Start (I think this is the family introduction reel) 15:53  200 ft

DrWoods – Merimbula 01 , Old School Badges,  haircuts  – 16:44 190ft

DrWoods_Merimbula 02 (has Produced By and  Doc portrait)  – 15:58 120 ft

DrWoods – Merimbula, Aeroplane, shipwreck, spoof surf carnival_03 15:53  200 ft

DrWoods – Merimbula 04, Leonards Island, Beauties  13:57  190 ft

DrWoods -Fishing-1,2,3, bits assembled – 11.35 50+25+20+30 ft (?)

Total Length 3,035 ft. ?

Here’s an explanation of scan ratios and framing


Sub Menu
Doctor Woods – Part 1.  Who are you L.S.Woods?
This is what I’ve found from archives and contributions, from the reports of general meetings of clubs and societies, obituaries, autopsies, published  fame and notoriety, and things he’d probably like to forget – like the Pyjama Girl Case.
Doctor Woods – Part 2. Albury 
Looking at the town of Albury and linking its events to those that are in two films, Views around Albury and 
Shots at Random  around Albury.
Doctor Woods – Part 3. Becoming a Filmmaker
His first cameras, learning the craft, titles (thank you) and then losing the rigour and becoming a home movie maker. Splices and dirty edges.
Doctor Woods – Part 4. A country doctor’s life
The family movies. The people he clearly loved, what interested him – (which at the end of his life – Merimbula with his fishing mates )