Digital Mechanics Newsletter
News from the workshop July-August 1997

Just three issues a few weeks apart, then we got too busy. This was a self promotion for Doug Bailey and I, when we started web development company Digital Mechanics in Sydney (and Bungendore). I was still pining from losing Australian MultiMedia and couldn’t stop scratching the ‘publishing’ itch. At the time I’d almost finished my work on P&O Cruises website and had started some Medibank work that led to moving to Grey Advertising and starting Grey Interactive (another story).

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This was the usual reduction of the press releases I was still receiving and my reading of print and online publications. It has more of a geek focus. Doug wrote a few bits as well. My contribution was the name and Popular Mechanics magazine rip-off design. I’ve liked Popular Mechanics and Popular Science since childhood, I don’t know if my father just bought a bundle of old ones somewhere but I don’t think he would have been able to afford a postal subscription. I bought my own in op-shops in later years., mainly for the covers. I’ve mentioned my love for those magazines and their small space ads here.

Written so a ten year old boy can understand it (although I was four in 1951)