Hermannsburg Cemetery 2009

In June 2009 visiting Jan’s friend Jane, who was working in Alice Springs, we drove out to Hermannsburg Mission, known as the home of, and the landscapes of painter Albert Namatjira.


In praise of taccola

When I asked the waiter what the birds were, circling above the old walls over our balcony table view in Spello, he shrugged, rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know. I think they’re now one of my favourite ‘exotic’ birds and a tribute to jackdaws is in order.

A Travelling Camera - Photobooks

I make photobooks, and not just because I’m an old ink on paper person (there were those forest destroying magazines for example).  There are many that are personal gifts for friends, those I create and give and never look at again. These photobooks here were made as albums of personal images from special holidays. They’re […]

Oshinbo - Eat your Manga.

First published in Sydney Morning Herald Good Living section September 2009. Did you know that the biggest selling food writer in Japan has lived in Sydney for the past twenty years? When he finished university Tetsuya Totsuka planned to be a nuclear physicist. Today he is one of the most respected writers of food manga […]

Lake Albina

Was this my first visit? It was at Easter in 1967. It is a special place and I was to visit again, never with the same group, but I did go back with Rikki and Margaret individually.  Wikipedia has a map and a bit of geology of this glacial lake and history of the ski hut. My images were on […]


The Catalan tradition of the ‘shitting shepherd’ – has a long anarchist tradition of hiding it in a Christmas Nativity scene for the delight of the kids. And me.

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