Black as...

I could never say I love them. In fact I was brought up to hate them and like a lapsed Catholic still feel there is an original sin that I’m denying by appreciating their beauty.

Document (verb)

A not home movie of Margaret and the Warragul show

Brakhage explains what I realised I was doing as a filmmaker.

Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco on not believing in God

Gabriel García Márquez

Remembering a quotation

How can people remember things?

Chris Marker asked.

If they don’t make movies or take photographs?” I used that quote from French filmmaker Chris Marker from his film Sans Soliel – Sunless 1982 to start a conversation with the late and great multimedia pioneer Dana Atchley. His reply and that story is here.  Marker also said in La Jetée “Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary […]

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