Black as...

I could never say I love them. In fact I was brought up to hate them and like a lapsed Catholic still feel there is an original sin that I’m denying by appreciating their beauty.

Travelling with Basho - to the deep north

A travelling companion

Basho’s travel writing give us insight into what drove this poet to keep searching for meaning and enlightenment. It inspired lots of experimental film titles, including some of mine, here’s one. Explained.

Fatal Light Awareness

We are rich and guilty magicians

“Up there in the night air among the high-rises, music dies as you fire up your fake sunrises: your light is the birds’ last darkness.” Margaret Atwood

28 January 2006

A summer poem

Here’s a small poem, or maybe a country fable, from my Another Country Diary of that date.

Broken splices

Unlike those years with you, my wife hasn’t been through a film making affair.

Stolen goods

Original thoughts

If you closely examine the men of the quill
And search for goods stolen with sharp piercing eyes…

The Journal of Albion Moonlight and Kenneth Patchen

I rather prefer short critics to long ones.  I like critics with tan shoes — look nicer, I think. . .


Discontented? Ok, but scrawny?

An attack on “some of the hairiest, scrawniest, and most discontented specimens of all time”. Hang on I said, that was me, I wanted to be Beat, did people really think that?

Just finish it!

Advice from Paul Valéry and Neil Gaiman about writing that story or shooting that film you keep putting off.

The White Goddess - Robert Graves

Call me, if you like, the fox who has lost his brush; I am nobody's servant

You chose your jobs because they promised to provide you with a steady income and leisure to render the Goddess whom you adore valuable part-time service.

I am talking about film as poetry - James Broughton

“I am not talking here about going to the movies. I am talking about making cinema. I am talking about the life of vision. I am talking about cinema as one way of living the life of a poet. I am talking about film as poetry, as philosophy, as metaphysics, as all else it has […]

Robert Kelly - and Io

"I fear only certain words. At night."

Kelly’s poems were often printed in Richard Grossinger and partner Lindy Hough’s  literary journal Io .  I bought each new edition (at The Source Bookshop in Bourke Street I suspect) and held them close  to my breast back then. 


60c of poetic desktop publishing

In 1967 we were in Yevtushenko frenzy. It was his mix of politics, and romanticism. I saw him perform his poetry in Melbourne and I have a bootleg tape I made of Yevgeny and Kerry Dwyer performing his poems to rapturous applause.

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