Bungendore Early Years

Another Bungendore  Photobook

This is a collection of Bungendore Early Years images from various cameras and using some AI to enlarge and enhance. We moved there in 1996, the cameras were upgraded as I was more serious about ‘documenting’.

James Baldwin and Richard Avendon

Being Black and Black and White

I was reminded of Avendon and Baldwin by a Monoskop reference to the book ‘Nothing Personal’. I had this paperback copy because, well, at the time (late sixties) to be up with pop-culture, you had to.

Peter Webb MP

Calls these hills home

Another update from the Country Diary. About a visit to the property of the National Party member for Monaro in 2002. More osage, some tree-lucerne. Sheep. Bigger pictures. And those Brindabellas.

Fatal Light Awareness

We are rich and guilty magicians

“Up there in the night air among the high-rises, music dies as you fire up your fake sunrises: your light is the birds’ last darkness.” Margaret Atwood

Shortis & Simpson

Musicians John and Moya were Bungendore neighbours

I’ve filmed and photographed the work of John Shortis and Moya Simpson for over twenty years. This is where it will be assembled.

Shirley Jacobs in performance

Villa Maria concert

Like all my ‘commercial’ assignments they were opportunities to make more personal work, some of which ended up in my class portfolios. This was a performance at an aged care home.

Where do I look?

What did I see? What did I look like as they ‘see’ me? Thinking about photography and the photographer’s eye.

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