Shortis & Simpson

Musicians John and Moya were Bungendore neighbours

I’ve filmed and photographed the work of John Shortis and Moya Simpson for over twenty years. This is where it will be assembled.

Frank Traynor


These photographs were taken in a city jazz – folk club in 1970? Frank wasn’t expecting me (well, he was but he’d forgotten. I had asked if I could photograph him some days before) and he said he was happy to help a photography student. Video links included.

Shirley Jacobs - Crest

Crest Records

While I was a student at RMIT . We rented the top three rooms upstairs from Crest Records for a studio. And there was a bathroom that we turned into a darkroom.

Shirley Jacobs in performance

Villa Maria concert

Like all my ‘commercial’ assignments they were opportunities to make more personal work, some of which ended up in my class portfolios. This was a performance at an aged care home.

Proposal for a Film Gallery

I curated an exhibition at the Hawthorn Art Gallery in 1979. It ran for two weeks, I bought the wine and cheese, the projector, U-matic and paid for some telecine transfers.

Sunbury Pop Festival 1972 - a document

Looking out at popular mass media when it's watching you.

“It was a time when the hippie thing was declining and the drunken afternoons of too much beer, sun and basic rock developed. The music went from being experimental to being just moronic entertainment for yobbos.”

Howard Lindley ?-1973?

Artist, writer filmmaker

Like everyone given enough money to shoot a 30 min short at the time, we immediately set out to shoot a 16mm feature.

Almost cut my hair

Hey, it's not profound - it's just a pop song. Isn't it?

Happened just the other day
It’s gettin’ kind of long
I could’ve said it was in my way
But I didn’t and I wonder why

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