Multimedia History

A personal history of Super8

testing those small frames

Here’s an experiment in presentation that seemed like an idea I had to try, being a comic fan and having a whole lot of lowres still frames.

Benny Zable

Benny Zable was hard to miss in the early 70’s Carlton arts/protest (did we call it agit-prop?). His current Nimbin website has a full bio, but there’s no updated information since 2001. He was a couple of years older than me, and  guess I was one of the people he talks about, when he “came […]

Two screens, bolt cutters, red hair and moon walking

That’s the name of this Super 8 from 1972. It’s political except for Jan Chapman’s red hair. Film co-ops, Phil Noyce’s Pop Festival movie, draft resisters, conscription. It’s all there.

Ahhh Vespa!

I remember following John Matthews riding a Vespa home to Woodstock outside Melbourne one frosty winter night. Travelling up the Hume Highway, following slowly behind in my Fiat 1100 and when his fingers froze, swapping with him and riding for a while. We stopped at the Kalkallo pub for a brandy to thaw out.

MM - Australian Multimedia Magazine

From staples to link rot

The (ongoing) story of the birth of Australia’s wanna-be WIRED magazine and it’s place in media history.

How can people remember things?

Chris Marker asked.

If they don’t make movies or take photographs?” I used that quote from French filmmaker Chris Marker from his film Sans Soliel – Sunless 1982 to start a conversation with the late and great multimedia pioneer Dana Atchley. His reply and that story is here.  Marker also said in La Jetée “Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary […]

New things

An update crafted by the editor

I’ve been tweaking the AMP version of this site. And there’s an option to add an icon/shortcut to your phone’s Home screen. Is that vanity? I’ve added a page for my News From Home videos.

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