Film (School)

Cinema Studies at RMIT Photography school

That’s John Grierson. He was held up to us as we did our Film Studies at RMIT Photography School, as sitting on the right hand of the film gods. I was an eager convert to the Church of the State Film Centre.

Not sharp?

Everyone has a quote from Mark Twain.

It’s a fantasy as old as Genesis:

The promise of the apocalypse. With a big enough flood, one gets to start over completely.

Robots for sale

SOLD. The complete garage collection

Looking to start a collection of tin and plastic robots and space toys? Already a dealer looking for some bulk in your collection and things to swap? Buy mine.

Jim Wilson filmmaker

From Melbourne to Greece and the world

Don’t look for much about my friend Jim Wilson on the web. This may be the best you’ll find.

Another Country Diary

A diary of four years of the eighteen we lived in country NSW.

As in exasperated ‘Why does ANYONE need another country diary?’ It was an overdone web ‘meme’ at the time I did these, lots of back to the land, nature poets etc. I didn’t care about that readership I was just ‘keeping track’ of who I was.

The “photo-taking-impairment effect”

“Research has suggested that the sheer volume and lack of organization of digital photos for personal memories discourages many people from accessing and reminiscing about them,”

Where do I look?

What did I see? What did I look like as they ‘see’ me? Thinking about photography and the photographer’s eye.

Just finish it!

Advice from Paul Valéry and Neil Gaiman about writing that story or shooting that film you keep putting off.

Lady Herring Spastic Centre

But we don't say Spastic anymore.

While some of the tortured faces seem to have affronted the fellow passengers on this train trip to the Royal Show, we saw them all as kids, and got to know them. These rolls of stills show how much care and love the staff gave them.

The Heidelberg House

Art deco lives

When my parents where retired, (and younger than I am now), they sold their house and they bought a campervan. They strapped a couple of mini-motorbikes on the back and went, as you were supposed to,  ‘around Australia’. We got postcards and reports from places they liked and stayed for a while, but by the […]

Almost cut my hair

Hey, it's not profound - it's just a pop song. Isn't it?

Happened just the other day
It’s gettin’ kind of long
I could’ve said it was in my way
But I didn’t and I wonder why

Robert Kelly - and Io

"I fear only certain words. At night."

Kelly’s poems were often printed in Richard Grossinger and partner Lindy Hough’s  literary journal Io .  I bought each new edition (at The Source Bookshop in Bourke Street I suspect) and held them close  to my breast back then. 

Against the loss of memory - Umberto Eco

This speech appeared on the Italian delegation to the UN’s website and has been re-quoted from that version a number of times on other sites. It seems to be badly scanned or OCR’d and with no checking of terms, spelling and references. The last minutes were also left un-transcribed which reduces the moments of poetry of a man who would be dead just three years later at 84.  Hopefully it is closer to what Umberto intended.

Movies about memories

Just like when you buy a red car, and you realise how many other boring red cars there are, all travelling in packs. Some of the movies about memory have settled here. Beijing Silvermine – Thomas Sauvin from Emiland Guillerme on Vimeo. I wrote about this Resnais film on the Biblioteque Nationale here Jonas Mekas […]

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