A story about Dana Atchley

A digital story, therefore vulnerable to magnets

Dana said it was the best thing that had been written about him and he linked to it for years. Besides being flattered (after all it was just using his words) I like it too. He died in San Francisco on December 13 2000.


To prove that we were here

And we’re trying to build a monument to show that we were here It won’t be visible from the air and it won’t be any shame to build a monument to prove that we were here. Gene Parsons, Monument from the 1973 Warner Bros. album  Kindling   “So I always say that the commercial (filmmakers) […]


Growing up on a river bank

European settlers first began to arrive here in 1837. Our family moved there from Melbourne in 1951 when I was four years old. I left twelve years later.

Villa Alba, Kew

A Victorian era treasure

This Victorian period house sits up on the hill horizon, as we walk across our narrow river crossing bridge. It is heritage listed and being restored as funds are available. It is open to the public once a month on a Sunday and it’s amazing how many times it hasn’t been the right time to visit. ‘Till now.

Sunless - Chris Marker

Died 29 July 2012, Paris, France. Aged 91

When I first saw Chris Marker’s Sunless it was hypnotic, crushing (I remember it feeling heavy) and uplifting. Shown at a session with barely a dozen other film goers who all looked at each other differently when we walked out.

New things

An update crafted by the editor

I’ve been tweaking the AMP version of this site. And there’s an option to add an icon/shortcut to your phone’s Home screen. Is that vanity? I’ve added a page for my News From Home videos.

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