Santa Claus, flying reindeer and other stories

Feeling lucky? Four leaf clovers, leprechauns, horseshoes and Fly Agaric.

After a hippie era testing of ‘magic’ psylocibe< mushrooms when I was violently ill, (trippy but ill), I'll pass on testing the fly agaric's hallucinogenic qualities.

Osage oranges

and a few hawthorn berries

This is from 2002, and my Bungendore Country Diary about some ‘Osage Events’ that synchronised. You can either read the story then watch the pictures or just wing it and hit play. Think of this as a slide show. With music. And words.

A Bungendore country camera

Low resolution and a high resolve

Before I started my web Another Country Diary I made these few pages to show to friends when they asked what my life was like in a country town, while I worked in Canberra and Sydney.

Another Country Diary

A diary of four years of the eighteen we lived in country NSW.

As in exasperated ‘Why does ANYONE need another country diary?’ It was an overdone web ‘meme’ at the time I did these, lots of back to the land, nature poets etc. I didn’t care about that readership I was just ‘keeping track’ of who I was.


To prove that we were here

And we’re trying to build a monument to show that we were here It won’t be visible from the air and it won’t be any shame to build a monument to prove that we were here. Gene Parsons, Monument from the 1973 Warner Bros. album  Kindling   “So I always say that the commercial (filmmakers) […]

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