The legacy of Margaret Fulton

...and your mother's cookbook

At the National Museum of Australia, the C.W.A had gathered their favourite Anzac biscuits and Margaret and a staff chef picked out an audience member to make a batch. ( Do you like yours chewy or crunchy?)

Oshinbo - Eat your Manga.

First published in Sydney Morning Herald Good Living section September 2009. Did you know that the biggest selling food writer in Japan has lived in Sydney for the past twenty years? When he finished university Tetsuya Totsuka planned to be a nuclear physicist. Today he is one of the most respected writers of food manga […]

Another Country Diary

A diary of four years of the eighteen we lived in country NSW.

As in exasperated ‘Why does ANYONE need another country diary?’ It was an overdone web ‘meme’ at the time I did these, lots of back to the land, nature poets etc. I didn’t care about that readership I was just ‘keeping track’ of who I was.

Growing the Growers

How do you get young people interested in small farming?

This is a project that I’ve vowed to finish in some fashion that was shot in America and UK for friends Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie, organic small farmers from Gundaroo in NSW.  Michael died in 2017 and Joyce is tasked with looking after Allsun Farm.

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