Charon and The Psychopomps

not a pop group - a modern myth.

I probably first heard of Charon from Robert Graves “Greek Myths” but ‘paying the ferryman’ is, at least in my generation, a common term.  In the back of it all is the love story of stupid Cupid and the silly, mortal Psyche. I made a video.


In praise of taccola

When I asked the waiter what the birds were, circling above the old walls over our balcony table view in Spello, he shrugged, rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know. I think they’re now one of my favourite ‘exotic’ birds and a tribute to jackdaws is in order.

Stolen goods

Original thoughts

If you closely examine the men of the quill
And search for goods stolen with sharp piercing eyes…

Almost cut my hair

Hey, it's not profound - it's just a pop song. Isn't it?

Happened just the other day
It’s gettin’ kind of long
I could’ve said it was in my way
But I didn’t and I wonder why


The Catalan tradition of the ‘shitting shepherd’ – has a long anarchist tradition of hiding it in a Christmas Nativity scene for the delight of the kids. And me.



The Australian magpie was a surprise to the first European visitors. A large and attractive bird that bore only a passing resemblance to the English magpie- which is a smaller bird with a mostly white front. They called it different things mostly related to how attractive it’s call was. Magpies are common across Europe but […]

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