Howard Lindley ?-1973?

Artist, writer filmmaker

Like everyone given enough money to shoot a 30 min short at the time, we immediately set out to shoot a 16mm feature.

Pier Farri - 1972

The poster that the late Albie Thoms presented, shows he had invited italian filmaker Alfredo Leonardi to present his selection of new films but Pier Farri, one of the filmmakers on the programme (but not listed on the poster) came instead.

A personal history of Super8

testing those small frames

Here’s an experiment in presentation that seemed like an idea I had to try, being a comic fan and having a whole lot of lowres still frames.


Just tossing coins for interrogating the I Ching seemed to trivialise what Jung clearly thought was a great way to approach the subconscious. (At the time, anything Jung thought was good, was ok by me.) So, on a windy day, I cut myself some yarrow sticks. Over some weeks I taught myself how to use […]

Benny Zable

Benny Zable was hard to miss in the early 70’s Carlton arts/protest (did we call it agit-prop?). His current Nimbin website has a full bio, but there’s no updated information since 2001. He was a couple of years older than me, and  guess I was one of the people he talks about, when he “came […]

I am talking about film as poetry - James Broughton

“I am not talking here about going to the movies. I am talking about making cinema. I am talking about the life of vision. I am talking about cinema as one way of living the life of a poet. I am talking about film as poetry, as philosophy, as metaphysics, as all else it has […]

Robert Kelly - and Io

"I fear only certain words. At night."

Kelly’s poems were often printed in Richard Grossinger and partner Lindy Hough’s  literary journal Io .  I bought each new edition (at The Source Bookshop in Bourke Street I suspect) and held them close  to my breast back then. 

Document (verb)

A not home movie of Margaret and the Warragul show

Brakhage explains what I realised I was doing as a filmmaker.

Two screens, bolt cutters, red hair and moon walking

That’s the name of this Super 8 from 1972. It’s political except for Jan Chapman’s red hair. Film co-ops, Phil Noyce’s Pop Festival movie, draft resisters, conscription. It’s all there.


To prove that we were here

And we’re trying to build a monument to show that we were here It won’t be visible from the air and it won’t be any shame to build a monument to prove that we were here. Gene Parsons, Monument from the 1973 Warner Bros. album  Kindling   “So I always say that the commercial (filmmakers) […]

Movies about memories

Just like when you buy a red car, and you realise how many other boring red cars there are, all travelling in packs. Some of the movies about memory have settled here. Beijing Silvermine – Thomas Sauvin from Emiland Guillerme on Vimeo. I wrote about this Resnais film on the Biblioteque Nationale here Jonas Mekas […]

Ahhh Vespa!

I remember following John Matthews riding a Vespa home to Woodstock outside Melbourne one frosty winter night. Travelling up the Hume Highway, following slowly behind in my Fiat 1100 and when his fingers froze, swapping with him and riding for a while. We stopped at the Kalkallo pub for a brandy to thaw out.

Toute la mémoire du monde - film

When an artists shoots a ‘documentary’, this happens – Alain Resnais beautiful 1956 film about the old Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Music by Maurice Jarre in a score that could be Phillip Glass. Watch it full screen. The camera moves and transitions are masterful.

Sunless - Chris Marker

Died 29 July 2012, Paris, France. Aged 91

When I first saw Chris Marker’s Sunless it was hypnotic, crushing (I remember it feeling heavy) and uplifting. Shown at a session with barely a dozen other film goers who all looked at each other differently when we walked out.

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