Oshinbo - Eat your Manga.

First published in Sydney Morning Herald Good Living section September 2009. Did you know that the biggest selling food writer in Japan has lived in Sydney for the past twenty years? When he finished university Tetsuya Totsuka planned to be a nuclear physicist. Today he is one of the most respected writers of food manga […]


Discontented? Ok, but scrawny?

An attack on “some of the hairiest, scrawniest, and most discontented specimens of all time”. Hang on I said, that was me, I wanted to be Beat, did people really think that?

Sunbury Pop Festival 1972 - a document

Looking out at popular mass media when it's watching you.

“It was a time when the hippie thing was declining and the drunken afternoons of too much beer, sun and basic rock developed. The music went from being experimental to being just moronic entertainment for yobbos.”

Howard Lindley ?-1973?

Artist, writer filmmaker

Like everyone given enough money to shoot a 30 min short at the time, we immediately set out to shoot a 16mm feature.

Pier Farri - 1972

The poster that the late Albie Thoms presented, shows he had invited italian filmaker Alfredo Leonardi to present his selection of new films but Pier Farri, one of the filmmakers on the programme (but not listed on the poster) came instead.

Lady Herring Spastic Centre

But we don't say Spastic anymore.

While some of the tortured faces seem to have affronted the fellow passengers on this train trip to the Royal Show, we saw them all as kids, and got to know them. These rolls of stills show how much care and love the staff gave them.


Just tossing coins for interrogating the I Ching seemed to trivialise what Jung clearly thought was a great way to approach the subconscious. (At the time, anything Jung thought was good, was ok by me.) So, on a windy day, I cut myself some yarrow sticks. Over some weeks I taught myself how to use […]

Don't call him Herbert. Or Bert, (it's Fred).

Born in 1915, after his English father returned from the war in Europe, my father, Herbert Frederick Harden moved with his older sister and mother Clara to Melbourne. They never moved from their house in Camberwell. Dad died in 1996 – just a few years before we could party along with Prince. He was 81. […]

Benny Zable

Benny Zable was hard to miss in the early 70’s Carlton arts/protest (did we call it agit-prop?). His current Nimbin website has a full bio, but there’s no updated information since 2001. He was a couple of years older than me, and  guess I was one of the people he talks about, when he “came […]

Two screens, bolt cutters, red hair and moon walking

That’s the name of this Super 8 from 1972. It’s political except for Jan Chapman’s red hair. Film co-ops, Phil Noyce’s Pop Festival movie, draft resisters, conscription. It’s all there.


60c of poetic desktop publishing

In 1967 we were in Yevtushenko frenzy. It was his mix of politics, and romanticism. I saw him perform his poetry in Melbourne and I have a bootleg tape I made of Yevgeny and Kerry Dwyer performing his poems to rapturous applause.

Gabriel García Márquez

Remembering a quotation

Toute la mémoire du monde - film

When an artists shoots a ‘documentary’, this happens – Alain Resnais beautiful 1956 film about the old Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Music by Maurice Jarre in a score that could be Phillip Glass. Watch it full screen. The camera moves and transitions are masterful.

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