Ripping off The Beatles

A teenage fan-boy story

I was a Beatles fan much like everyone my (teen) age at Corryong High School, I wanted to let my hair grow, and I wanted to see ‘Hard Days Night’ .

Doctor Woods Part 1

Who are you L.S.Woods?

“There is less justification for make believe in life than there ever was. The changed circumstances of the world, and the altered standards, should have brought home to every person of normal outlook that the readiest means towards an honest living should be sought.” L.S.Woods

Don't call him Herbert. Or Bert, (it's Fred).

Born in 1915, after his English father returned from the war in Europe, my father, Herbert Frederick Harden moved with his older sister and mother Clara to Melbourne. They never moved from their house in Camberwell. Dad died in 1996 – just a few years before we could party along with Prince. He was 81. […]


Growing up on a river bank

European settlers first began to arrive here in 1837. Our family moved there from Melbourne in 1951 when I was four years old. I left twelve years later.

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