Bungendore Early Years

Another Bungendore  Photobook

This is a collection of Bungendore Early Years images from various cameras and using some AI to enlarge and enhance. We moved there in 1996, the cameras were upgraded as I was more serious about ‘documenting’.

Santa Claus, flying reindeer and other stories

Feeling lucky? Four leaf clovers, leprechauns, horseshoes and Fly Agaric.

After a hippie era testing of ‘magic’ psylocibe< mushrooms when I was violently ill, (trippy but ill), I'll pass on testing the fly agaric's hallucinogenic qualities.


Black as...

I could never say I love them. In fact I was brought up to hate them and like a lapsed Catholic still feel there is an original sin that I’m denying by appreciating their beauty.

Peter Webb MP

Calls these hills home

Another update from the Country Diary. About a visit to the property of the National Party member for Monaro in 2002. More osage, some tree-lucerne. Sheep. Bigger pictures. And those Brindabellas.

Osage oranges

and a few hawthorn berries

This is from 2002, and my Bungendore Country Diary about some ‘Osage Events’ that synchronised. You can either read the story then watch the pictures or just wing it and hit play. Think of this as a slide show. With music. And words.

A Bungendore country camera

Low resolution and a high resolve

Before I started my web Another Country Diary I made these few pages to show to friends when they asked what my life was like in a country town, while I worked in Canberra and Sydney.

Shortis & Simpson

Musicians John and Moya were Bungendore neighbours

I’ve filmed and photographed the work of John Shortis and Moya Simpson for over twenty years. This is where it will be assembled.

The Truffle Festival

New World Truffle Appreciation Society

In a classic Old World – New World twist, as wild harvested truffles disappear in Europe, countries like Australia and Spain are farming increasing quantities of high quality truffles. The Canberra region growers needed to educate people about theirs.

9 May 2002 - a 'poem'

A country diary day of some pain

As I rounded the corner I saw the road covered with white flying feathers and a splattered chook being picked up by a tall young man with a look of pain on his face. He crossed the road just in front of me, the early yellow sunlight on him against the dark road.

28 January 2006

A summer poem

Here’s a small poem, or maybe a country fable, from my Another Country Diary of that date.

The internet killed the radio star

It’s better to burn out then it is to ossify/stiffen/petrify/accrust.

Fame is fleeting. Only twice has someone recognised my voice or name from radio. A friend who said I appeared in his nightmare, then woke up to hear my voice on his clock radio.And a man at a ceramic tile shop who said he enjoyed the pieces I did with that nice Louise Maher so he gave me a discount.

Another Country Diary

A diary of four years of the eighteen we lived in country NSW.

As in exasperated ‘Why does ANYONE need another country diary?’ It was an overdone web ‘meme’ at the time I did these, lots of back to the land, nature poets etc. I didn’t care about that readership I was just ‘keeping track’ of who I was.


To prove that we were here

And we’re trying to build a monument to show that we were here It won’t be visible from the air and it won’t be any shame to build a monument to prove that we were here. Gene Parsons, Monument from the 1973 Warner Bros. album  Kindling   “So I always say that the commercial (filmmakers) […]


A cautionary tale

A little blood goes a long way. Just ask that apparently crestfallen cockatoo who bit my finger

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