Black as...

I could never say I love them. In fact I was brought up to hate them and like a lapsed Catholic still feel there is an original sin that I’m denying by appreciating their beauty.


In praise of taccola

When I asked the waiter what the birds were, circling above the old walls over our balcony table view in Spello, he shrugged, rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know. I think they’re now one of my favourite ‘exotic’ birds and a tribute to jackdaws is in order.


A cautionary tale

A little blood goes a long way. Just ask that apparently crestfallen cockatoo who bit my finger



The Australian magpie was a surprise to the first European visitors. A large and attractive bird that bore only a passing resemblance to the English magpie- which is a smaller bird with a mostly white front. They called it different things mostly related to how attractive it’s call was. Magpies are common across Europe but […]

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