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These are the things I worry about in the night

I am talking about film as poetry - James Broughton

“I am not talking here about going to the movies. I am talking about making cinema. I am talking about the life of vision. I am talking about cinema as one way of living the life of a poet. I am talking about film as poetry, as philosophy, as metaphysics, as all else it has […]

Robert Kelly - and Io

"I fear only certain words. At night."

Kelly’s poems were often printed in Richard Grossinger and partner Lindy Hough’s  literary journal Io .  I bought each new edition (at The Source Bookshop in Bourke Street I suspect) and held them close  to my breast back then. 

Against the loss of memory - Umberto Eco

This speech appeared on the Italian delegation to the UN’s website and has been re-quoted from that version a number of times on other sites. It seems to be badly scanned or OCR’d and with no checking of terms, spelling and references. The last minutes were also left un-transcribed which reduces the moments of poetry of a man who would be dead just three years later at 84.  Hopefully it is closer to what Umberto intended.


To prove that we were here

And we’re trying to build a monument to show that we were here It won’t be visible from the air and it won’t be any shame to build a monument to prove that we were here. Gene Parsons, Monument from the 1973 Warner Bros. album  Kindling   “So I always say that the commercial (filmmakers) […]

Gabriel García Márquez

Remembering a quotation

What is philosophy?

A book.

This book deals with the distinction between philosophy and science, arguing that the former deals with concepts and the latter with functions.

How can people remember things?

Chris Marker asked.

If they don’t make movies or take photographs?” I used that quote from French filmmaker Chris Marker from his film Sans Soliel – Sunless 1982 to start a conversation with the late and great multimedia pioneer Dana Atchley. His reply and that story is here.  Marker also said in La Jetée “Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary […]

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