Travelling with Basho - to the deep north

A travelling companion

Basho’s travel writing give us insight into what drove this poet to keep searching for meaning and enlightenment. It inspired lots of experimental film titles, including some of mine, here’s one. Explained.

Fatal Light Awareness

We are rich and guilty magicians

“Up there in the night air among the high-rises, music dies as you fire up your fake sunrises: your light is the birds’ last darkness.” Margaret Atwood

8mm vs 16mm (according to Brakhage)

Commenting on Bruce Conner's REPORT

“With 8mm you have all the immediate potentiality of the powers of a sketch. You have that brevity, the quickness, the lightweightedness of the camera, that expendability of it. Nothing in the area of 8mm will ever be in the consideration for prizes or awards.”


I don’t look at this page much.  If you have had recurring dreams about falling from a tower, you might want to give this entry a miss as well.
I won’t mind.

The Journal of Albion Moonlight and Kenneth Patchen

I rather prefer short critics to long ones.  I like critics with tan shoes — look nicer, I think. . .

Proposal for a Film Gallery

I curated an exhibition at the Hawthorn Art Gallery in 1979. It ran for two weeks, I bought the wine and cheese, the projector, U-matic and paid for some telecine transfers.

Oshinbo - Eat your Manga.

First published in Sydney Morning Herald Good Living section September 2009. Did you know that the biggest selling food writer in Japan has lived in Sydney for the past twenty years? When he finished university Tetsuya Totsuka planned to be a nuclear physicist. Today he is one of the most respected writers of food manga […]


Discontented? Ok, but scrawny?

An attack on “some of the hairiest, scrawniest, and most discontented specimens of all time”. Hang on I said, that was me, I wanted to be Beat, did people really think that?

Where do I look?

What did I see? What did I look like as they ‘see’ me? Thinking about photography and the photographer’s eye.

The Heidelberg House

Art deco lives

When my parents where retired, (and younger than I am now), they sold their house and they bought a campervan. They strapped a couple of mini-motorbikes on the back and went, as you were supposed to,  ‘around Australia’. We got postcards and reports from places they liked and stayed for a while, but by the […]

Benny Zable

Benny Zable was hard to miss in the early 70’s Carlton arts/protest (did we call it agit-prop?). His current Nimbin website has a full bio, but there’s no updated information since 2001. He was a couple of years older than me, and  guess I was one of the people he talks about, when he “came […]



The Australian magpie was a surprise to the first European visitors. A large and attractive bird that bore only a passing resemblance to the English magpie- which is a smaller bird with a mostly white front. They called it different things mostly related to how attractive it’s call was. Magpies are common across Europe but […]

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