Introduction to my archive  -8mm sections

Starting with the Super 8 sections, this is to explain why I think, as an aging man, this images archive is worth saving. I’m expecting this to change as I get to my later videos, and again as I get to digital, but let’s start here. Why do I archive?
It’s to put off as long as I can, that time just as an anxious Seamus Heaney was, when
‘the memorable bottoms out, Into the irretrievable.’

The Dr. Woods Collection

Low Res (mostly) transfers of the films of Dr L.S.Woods

All the 8mm transfers, on one page.

House with a secret

and other school yard stories

This film was made for a competition, I think run by Melbourne’s The Age, or maybe it was just that their film reviewer Colin Bennett was the judge. It was never finished in time for the competition, and then became a document of a Corryong High School Open Day.

This is Corryong

and this is my first documentary

I worked at a local chemist camera counter to pay off my first standard 8 camera. They offered me the job when I asked about the price of one in the window. My parents gave me a first roll of Kodachrome and I started this film.

Charon and The Psychopomps

not a pop group - a modern myth.

I probably first heard of Charon from Robert Graves “Greek Myths” but ‘paying the ferryman’ is, at least in my generation, a common term.  In the back of it all is the love story of stupid Cupid and the silly, mortal Psyche. I made a video.

The Valley Theatre, Traralgon

The Super 8 record

I took a roll of 35mm images around my parents La Trobe Cinema and lent them to my mother, both now long gone. These are from a 4fps film of the day when Jim Lawrence leased it to my parents in June 1973. That I still have.

Jim Wilson filmmaker

From Melbourne to Greece and the world

Don’t look for much about my friend Jim Wilson on the web. This may be the best you’ll find.

Testing the Timeline plugin

Documenting an archive

Two methods – Linking to other posts Better (for the web) a small slide-out window

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